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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 15: I Dated A Robot
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It’s another episode of The Scary Door. Why shouldn’t the man pointing out the gremlin destroying the plane be believed?
he’s insane
he’s the gremlin
he’s already dead
he’s Hitler
Professor Farnsworth doesn’t think that the time Fry came from was boring, because:
they invented the internet, and the Geico cavemen rebelled against their overlords
man first started flying into space, and Myspace developed sentience
they cracked the human genome, and boy bands roamed the earth
they cloned the first sheep, and the rise of the juggalos threatened humanity
Everyone takes the morning off to let Fry do whatever he always wanted to do. What is not one of the things?
ride a Tyrannosaurus Rex
peeing off the Great Wall of China
see the edge of the universe
destroy a planet
The Planet Express crew from the parallel universe are all wearing:
elf shoes
cowboy outfits
tank tops – except for parallel Leela
Fry has only two fantasies left. One is to be romantically linked with a celebrity. What is the other?
to be a secret agent who makes out with a lot of women
to be a time-travelling archaeologist who fights Nazis
to own a lightsaber
to be invisible in a chocolate factory
The Milky Way is up for sale on eBay, and is bought by:
Morbo’s co-newscaster, Linda
the Slurm Queen
Björk’s head
the Being of Inconceivable Horror
Fry goes to Nappster, the celebrity dating place where you can download celebrity personalities onto robots. Why isn’t he interested in Gwyneth Paltrow?
she named her daughter Apple
her Oscar speech
he read she drinks human blood
he heard that she’s not into other women
What celebrity is Fry interested in?
Jennifer Lopez
Lucy Liu
Halle Berry
Salma Hayek
Fry never took middle school hygiene, so he never saw the propaganda film about the dangers of dating robots. What is the name of the young man who downloads a Marilyn Monroe-bot?
Billy Everyteen
Johnny Letterman
Tommy Normalminor
Joey Averageguy
The propaganda film “I Dated A Robot” does not have the desired effect on Fry as he is still making out with his Liu-bot. The Professor knew he should have shown him which film?
Riker’s Holodeck Adventures
When Sex Robots Fight Back
Electro-Gonorrhoea: The Noisy Killer
Honey, I Can’t Find The Off-Switch!
Turns out that the nerds at Nappster are making illegal copies of real celebrities! When Lucy Liu is downloaded again, Bender replaces her head with who?
Madeleine Albright’s head
Dr Ruth Westheimer’s head
Phyllis Diller’s head
RuPaul’s head
What is not one of the three Lucy Liu settings?
prostitute in danger
competent lawyer
icy dominatrix
erotic assassin
What is the name of the third Charlie’s Angels movie?
Charlie’s Angels III: Angels in Rio
Charlie’s Angels III: The Secret of the Ooze
Charlie’s Angels III: The Legend of Charlie’s Gold
Charlie’s Angels III: Die, Charlie, Die
Whose head does Bender discard to save Lucy Liu?
Pablo Picasso’s
Luciano Pavarotti’s
Jean Paul Sartre’s
Fyodor Dostovevsky’s
Fry deletes the Liu-bot, because when he downloaded Lucy Liu illegally, he stole her image, and in the end that’s all she really has. Well, that and:
her three Oscars
the love of a good robot
the largest gold nugget in the world
her two “People’s Magazine’s Most Beautiful” titles

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