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How Well Do You Know: Rock of Ages
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1. Stacee Jaxx's soon-to-be-defunct band is named:
2. And the bar at the center of the film is named The [insert name of alcoholic beverage here] Room:
3. The events in the film unfold in this righteous year:
4. As the film opens, Sherrie is making her way 'cross country by way of ____________, while her fellow passengers join her in belting out ___________:
Train / You Shook Me All Night Long
Bus / Sister Christian
Plane / Like a Virgin
Station wagon / Welcome to the Jungle
By way of explanation.....
Fitting! Sherrie's last name is.....Christian!
5. Sherrie's arrival in the big bad city is marked by a man stealing her suitcase which she says contains all her:
Hopes and dream
6. The husband of Patricia Whitmore, Mike, is up to absolutely no good behind her back. He has this job:
District attorney
7. Patricia rallies her coven of conservative women to oppose the evil of rock-and-roll by singing, in a church, this rock-and-roll staple:
Love Is a Battlefield
Born in the U.S.A.
I Love Rock and Roll
Hit Me with Your Best Shot
8. Drew and Sherrie have their first date at this iconic Los Angeles spot:
Atop the Capitol Records building
The Griffith Observatory
The L.A. River
The Hollywood Sign
9. Saayyyyy, that song that Drew is writing for Sherrie sounds a whole lot like:
Don't Stop Believin'
Time After Time
With or Without You
Jack & Diane
10. After Drew's band gets the gig to open for Arsenal's last show, a fellow waitress warns Sherrie that she should kiss him goodbye, as this "makes us disappear":
The microphone
The road to fame
The spotlight
The rock-and-roll lifestyle
11. Upon Stacee's arrival at the club, we meet his leather-clad primate pal, who is named:
Hey Man
Nice Buddy
12. Soon to be overwhelmed by Stacee Jaxx's Stacee Jaxx-ness, Constance Sack is a reporter from this magazine:
Rolling Stone
13. When Candace asks Stacee Jaxx what it's like to be *the* Stacee Jaxx, he responds by singing:
Hungry Like the Wolf
Sweet Child of Mine
Hot for Teacher
Wanted Dead or Alive
14. The romantic encounter between Constance and Stacee during the "I Want to Know What Love Is" number involves:
A wet bar
A beverage cart
A pool table
A swimming pool
15. As he is about to go onstage, Drew sees Sherrie slipping out of Stacee's dressing room and assumes that something amorous had taken place, when in fact, she was just.....
Fetching him booze
Getting his *other* black cowboy hat
Setting up mirrors
Well, yeah. They were totally shagging
16. When he takes ahead of Arsenal, Drew tells Lonny his band has this rather silly name:
Wolfgang von Colt
Sebastian Lovefinger
17. Heartbroken and having quit her job at the Bourbon, Sherrie stumbles across her guardian angel Justice Charlier, who owns a strip club named after:
A goddess
A US city
A cereal brand
An 80s TV show
18. Drew signs with the lecherous agent Paul Gill and Sherrie realizes that she has few options other than becoming a dancer for Justice as they all sing this song:
Livin' on a Prayer
Here I Go Again
Just Like Heaven
Round and Round
19. Who ends up kissing at the end of Can't Fight This Feeling?
Dennis and Lonny
Stacee and Constance
Justice and Sherrie
Drew and Paul
20. Drew's new boy-band act is rebranded with this totally and insultingly insipid name:
21. Did you catch the real-life film director as the director of the boy band's music video? It's none other than:
Quentin Tarantino
Eli Roth
Steven Soderbergh
Michael Bay
22. Candace's article in Rolling Stone makes the following claim, which gets under Stacee's skin:
Paul walked away with all the night's proceeds
Stacee had sex with Candace
Stacee is impotent
Paul believes Stacee will fail in his solo career
23. Stacee fires Paul. He does so while drinking 150 year-old scotch and:
Throwing up on Paul
Pissing on Paul
Slapping Paul
Spitting the scotch in Paul's face
24. Drew sends Sherrie something as a gesture of reconciliation. What is it?
A guitar pick
Her records
A photo of the Bourbon signed by Stacee
Her apron from the Bourbon
25. Did you spot the real-life rock star among the crowd during the "We're Not Gonna Take It/We Built This City" number? No, we're not talking about you, REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin. We're referring to:
Sebastian Bach
David Coverdale
Axl Rose
David Lee Roth
26. Patricia and her meddlesome ways are undone by photo of her as a Stacee Jaxx groupie that appears:
On a flyer in the men's room at the Bourbon
In an old newspaper clipping
On a TV news report
In an album
27. Who is headlining the concert that closes the movie?
Drew, solo
Stacee, solo
Wolfgang von Colt
28. At the concert that closes the movie, we see this character is visibly pregnant:

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