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How Well Do You Know: Puss in Boots
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1. Puss in Boots, in a voiceover, describes himself as: "Just a fugitive from the law, running forever, searching for:"
A nice saucer of milk
A way to forget
A new pair of boots
A way to clear my name
2. Puss learns that Jack and Jill have come into possession of the legendary magic beans from:
A baby chick
Men in a seedy bar
Kitty Softpaws
A jailor
3. Ever since Jack fell down the hill and broke his crown, Jill say, she has been talking crazy. Why, when we first meet Jack, he says that he wants:
A baby
To retire to the south of France
To take up needlework
To write a novel
4. When Puss first meets her, Kitty is wearing:
A red sweater
An outfit made out of tumbleweeds
A black hood and cape
A lamp disguise
5. Puss and Kitty engage in this kind of fight:
Dance fight
Scratch fight
Milk fight
Slap fight
6. The fight ends when Puss hits Kitty in the head with:
A saucer of milk
A fish
A guitar
A chair
7. We learn that Humpty Dumpty's middle name is:
8. Puss and Humpty bond in the orphanage when they run afoul of this nursery rhyme character:
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Jack Horner
Georgie Porgie
Little Boy Blue
9. Puss was awarded boots as a symbol of honor and justice when he saved the Commandante's mother from:
An avalanche
A bull
A piano falling from a building
A dynamite blast
10. After robbing the town's bank, Puss's flight from the law ends when he:
Jumps from a bridge
Runs into a mine before its entrance is dynamited
Jumps into a waterfall
Runs into a briar patch
11. Kitty and Puss's attempt to rob Jack and Jill's wagon to get the magic beans is complicated by the fact that Kitty:
Doesn't have claws
Has a very strict sense of morals
Is colorblind
Cannot read
12. Jack and Jill's pets are:
13. Puss, Humpty and Kitty escape from Jack and Jill on a stagecoach that:
Can turn invisible
Can turn into a boat
Can fly
Appears to explode
14. The magic beans are this color:
15. The beanstalk is not very impressive when it first poke up from the ground, but grows rapidly when Humpty:
Waters it
Sings to it
Says something nice to it
Dances around it
16. When the beanstalk stops growing, Puss and company notice:
The sky above the clouds is yellow
They are all a few inches taller
They can all see their houses from way up there
Their voices have changed
17. At the top of the beanstalk, Humpty puts on a costume so he resembles:
A golden egg
A cloud
A bean
A golden goose
18. The Great Terror, the monster who guards the Golden Goose, is:
A chicken
A rabbit
A frog
Another goose
19. Puss and company escape the kingdom in the sky by way of:
A lightning bolt
A slide
A closet
A whirlpool
20. With the golden goose in tow, Puss, Humpty and Kitty descend the beanstalk by parachutes made of:
Humpty's costume
Gold leaf
Puss's boots
21. After the festivities celebrating the successful heist, Puss is knocked out by:
The Golden Goose
22. After he realizes Humpty, Kitty and Jack and Jill are all in cahoots, Puss is:
Chased from town
Thrown off a bridge
Left to be eaten by the Great Terror
23. In prison, Puss meets a jailed:
Old King Cole
Simple Simon
Andy "Jack" Beanstalk
Simon Says
24. Puss gets the guard to open his cell door by:
Playing dead
Making sad kitty eyes
Pretends to attack the other occupant of his cell
Mews pathetically
25. Humpty appears to meet his end when he:
Cracks open on a rock he has fallen on
Is beaten by the townspeople
Is eaten by the Great Terror
Falls into a raging river

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