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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 11: Trash
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I clicked on the right answers. So I did not get them wrong, this was a technical error on the computers's part.
Rosalita 5/29/11 1:12 pm


1. The first shot of this episode features a memorable image of...
Firefly on fire
Inara giving a massage
Jayne and Shepherd Book working out
Naked Mal
2. What's different about Monty?
Finally dumped his wife
He's no longer dressed in black
Shaved his beard
Shaved his head
3. What do Bridget and Mal do the first time they see each other in this episode?
Draw guns
Reveal that they were once married
Rip off each other's clothes
4. What are Monty's final words to Bridget?
Consider us divorced!
Damn you to Hades!
I shaved off my beard for you, devil woman!
You broke my heart in a million pieces!
5. Who is the client with the job in this episode?
Yo Saf Bridge
6. What was the last cargo the Serenity crew snuck past the Alliance to transport?
Bobble-head geisha dolls
Nutritional bars
7. What is Wash wondering during this episode?
Does Saffron have a less evil twin sister?
Do the curtains match the drapes?
How is Jayne not the worst person on Serenity right now?
What's Saffron doing on their ship?
8. Who punches Yo Saf Bridge in this episode?
Mal & Zoe
9. What job do Mal and Saffron pretend to perform which allows them to walk through the building undisturbed?
Floral delivery
Saffron is still the lady of the house since she was married to Durran
Security guard
Trash collector
10. What knocks Jayne unconscious?
The Dyna-ram
Yo Saf Bridge
11. What is the targeted object of theft in this episode?
An antique laser pistol
Durran's airship
A companion named Nandi
A rare stamp
12. What is Durran's relationship to Yo Saf Bridge?
13. "He's my husband."
"Congratulations and welcome to the wild world of bigamy."
"So, 50% of the pistol is mine. You can have the bullets."
"Take a number!"
"Well, who in the damn galaxy ain't?"
14. "I seen you without your clothes on before."
"The carpet don't match the drapes."
"It was a singularly defining moment."
"Never thought I'd see you naked."
"You could stand to lose a pound or two."
15. Who traps Saffron in the end?

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