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How Well Do You Know: 2013 March Madness Trivia Quiz
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1. The overall #1 team as ranked by the selection committee comes from this conference:

By way of explanation.....
With a share of the regular season title and the Big East tournament championship, the Louisville Cardinals were installed as the #1 overall seed
2. Step forward if you are one of the other regional #1 seeds. Not so fast there,......
3. Four - no wait, eight - teams make up the First Four to play on Tuesday. Three of these teams are among those four - I mean eight. Dammit. Anyway, pick the one that is not:
North Carolina A&T
St. Mary's
Middle Tennessee State
By way of explanation.....
The other First Four teams are: Liberty, Boise State, La Salle, James Madison and Long Island
4. Gonzaga enters the tournament with only two losses during the year. One was to Illinois. The other was to this tournament team, which, like Gonzaga, also has a bulldog as its mascot:
Mississippi State
By way of explanation.....
Butler beat visiting Gonzaga with a terrific last-second victory on January 19
5. After Gonzaga, this school has the next-fewest total losses with four (fun fact: they won their conference tournament final in double overtime):
New Mexico
By way of explanation.....
Josh Pastner's Tigers lost only to VCU, Minnesota, Louisville and Xavier
6. On the opposite side of the coin, with 20 losses and an RPI of almost 290, this school has to be the longest shot to have been included in the field:
San Diego State
7. This school from the Sunshine State was the first team to punch its ticket for March Madness this year (hints: they won the Atlantic Sun tournament and their nickname is the Eagles)
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Florida Gulf Coast, State?
By way of explanation.....
This is the first tournament appearance for Andy Enfield's team
8. These smartypantses will represent the Ivy League in the tourney:

If you can't identify the fellow above as the coach of this school, then you really, really haven't been paying attention to the tournament for the last several years:
Oklahoma State
Virginia Commonwealth
By way of explanation.....
If you don't know Shaka Smart, you don't know college basketball
10. Which school nickname is not either the Buffaloes, the Bison or the Bearcats?
11. And speaking of recent history, this year finds the defending NCAA tournament champions:
As a #2 seed
As a #6 seed
As a #10 seed
Out of the tournament all together
By way of explanation.....
Woe is Ashley Judd
12. Stop. Mascot time.

You may or may not be able to identify this fellow as a:
13. Of the following tournament teams, which one spent at least a week ranked #1 during the regular season?
Ohio State
By way of explanation.....
Michigan was #1 for a single week as of January 28
14. Which of the following schools is located *east* of the Mississippi?
Wichita State
La Salle
Pacific (a hint for the geographically disinclined: this is most likely not the right answer)
By way of explanation.....
La Salle is in Philadelphia, PA. Wichita State can be found in Kansas, Creighton in Nebraska and Pacific in Stockton, California
15. These schools are both nicknamed the Gaels:
St. Mary's and Iona
St. Mary's and Middle Tennessee State
Iona and Valparaiso
Middle Tennessee State and Valparaiso
16. The winner of the Colonial, which entered the conference tourney at 16-14 but tore off four straight wins to get to the Big Dance, is a school that takes its name from a:
Religious leader
19th Century banker
US President
By way of explanation.....
James Madison
17. Here, in order, are the regular season scoring leaders. Which of them is the only one that will not play in the NCAA tournament?
Erick Green (Virginia Tech), 25.0 ppg
Doug McDermott (Creighton), 23.1 ppg
Lamont Jones (Iona), 23.0 ppg
Nate Wolters (South Dakota State), 22.7 ppg
18. Three of these cities will host the regional rounds. Which of the four is the site for the Final Four and National Championship?
Los Angeles
Washington, DC
Arlington, Texas
By way of explanation.....
The Georgia Dome will host the Final Four. The other regional site is Indianapolis
19. Three of these US states are home to five schools each that will play in the tournament. Which is the only choice that didn't send a single school?
North Carolina
By way of explanation.....
No Texas teams. We can't believe it ourselves
20. Ah, the distinctive hairdo of one Mike Brueswitz...

.....who plays for this school:
Notre Dame
21. The conference that sent the most teams to the tournament this year is the one that ____________ plays in:
North Carolina State
Michigan State
By way of explanation.....
The Big East received 8 bids, followed by the Big 10 with 7. The A10, Big 12 and Pac 12 each sent 5 schools to the tournament.
22. If the seedings hold up, this sort-of rematch will pit two teams together who played an aborted game aboard an air craft carrier earlier in the year:
#2 Georgetown & #3 Florida
#1 Kansas & #8 UNC
#4 Syracuse & #1 Indiana
#6 Arizona & #3 New Mexico
By way of explanation.....
The November 9 game between the Hoyas and the Gators was stopped at halftime was scrubbed before of condensation on the deck of the USS Bataan
23. Rar. Three of these schools in the tournament have mascots that are bear related. Which does not?
By way of explanation.....
Davidson's sports teams call themselves the Wildcats.
24. Kangaroos are cool, OK? So this team's logo is our favorite in the field:
Colorado State
By way of explanation.....
This is the logo for the Akron Zips
25. Which school nickname of a tournament team is not either the Lobos, the Crusaders or the Demons?
Northwestern State
Ole Miss
New Mexico
By way of explanation.....
SEC tournament champion Ole Miss are the Rebels

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