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How Well Do You Know: The Rundown
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1. As the film open, Beck makes his way into a club to apprehend a man. On his way in, he passes this action star, who utters "Have fun":
Chuck Norris
Sylvester Stallone
Jason Statham
Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. The man that Beck busts in the club is a/n:
Football player
Music star
Diamond merchant
3. Who hires Beck to track down Travis?
Travis's father
Travis's uncle
Travis's bookie
Travis's lawyer
4. When he fights, Beck really dislikes to use __________, a measure he ultimately is forced to employ (to great effect) at the end of the movie:
His fists
His feet
Harsh language
5. Beck wants out of the "retrieval expert" business, but he's not a man without a plan. He aspires to:
Write travel guides
Deal in antique furniture
Get into the restaurant business
Open a nursery
6. We meet the colorful pilot Declan as he flies Beck to the Amazon, only to have the landing complicated by:
The wing of the plane falling off
Cattle on the landing strip
The landing gear falling off
A large exotic bird crashing through the windshield
7. The town which is owned by the villainous Hatcher and which is also the stomping ground of Travis and Mariana is called:
Santa Diego
Pueblo Fresca
La Domingo
El Dorado
8. This appears to be Hatcher's primary interest for which he keeps the townspeople under his thumb:
9. Travis searches for this priceless item, which interests Hatcher as well:
The Leche
The Gato
The Burro
The Pomo de la Puerta
10. During the brawl in the bar, Beck has to deal with one of Hatcher's men wielding a/n:
11. Beck and Travis go tumbling a long, long, long way down a mountainside after their jeep goes off the road. Why does the jeep go off the road?
Hatcher's men blow out their tires
Cattle. Always with the cattle in that place
Mariana is standing in the middle of the road
Travis intentionally steers it off
12. Travis has an odd way of trying to come across as imposing. He hops from foot to foot, threatening to introduce Beck to:
Salt and pepper
Thunder and lightning
Fury and remorse
Hammer and anvil
13. When Hatcher realizes Beck and Travis have eluded him, he voices his disappointment by alluding to this figure:
The Tooth Fairy
Santa Claus
The Easter Bunny
The Stork
14. Beck steps into a trap and ends up suspended upside down, mid-air. What is Travis doing when Beck sets off the trap?
Complaining his shirt is dirty
Eating hallucinogenic berries
Taking a leak
Running from Beck
15. Travis ends up in a similar trap, which would be hilarious enough....but, here come the:
Poisonous toads
"Man-eating" butterflies
16. Travis' advice to Beck during the encounter with the monkeys is:
Express remorse
Subjugate fear
Appeal to its better nature
Establish dominance
17. When Beck and Travis encounter the rebels, Travis tells them:
Beck is his uncle
Beck works for Hatcher
Beck knows where the Gato is
Beck knows how to defeat Hatcher
18. Just before the rebels-vs-Beck brawl starts, Manito the High Flying Martial Arts rebel refers to Beck as:
Tin can
'Roid boy
19. After Mariana arrives and is revealed to be the leader of the rebels, Manito and Beck briefly bond by talking about:
Movie stars
Soccer teams
20. What is exchanged between Manito and Beck just before Hatcher's men come to slaughter most of the rebels?
A necklace
A ring
A map
A knife
21. As they are about to go swimming, Mariana warns Beck not to ________ unless he wants to face certain ___________:
Swallow the water / death
Pee in the water / amputation
Swim close to Travis / infection
Submerge his head / infestation
22. The chamber where the Gato is held is located:
Inside a ring of flame
Across an invisible bridge
Across a deceptively serene clearing
Behind a waterfall
23. Travis makes his way through the chamber by negotiating a path marked with tiles stamped with:
24. Mariana steals away with the Gato after getting Travis and Beck to trip out on a fruit called:
25. Mariana's plan for the gato is to:
Put it in a museum
Sell it
Restore the spirituality of the rebels
Trade it to Hatcher for the freedom of the townspeople
26. When they arrive at the airfield, Beck and Travis learn that Mariana:
Has been captured by Hatcher
Has not been seen for days
Has been working with Hatcher all along
Is a bounty hunter - a much better one than Beck
27. Beck's final assault on Hatcher's men in the town is heralded by:
Bagpipe music
An explosion of an oil depot
A minor earthquake
Mariana kneeing Hatcher in the groin
28. The first weapon that Beck employs on Hatcher's men in the streets of the town is:
A bus
Declan's airplane
Drums of flaming liquid
29. Beck decides to use firearms when Travis is pinned down by gunfire:
In a cattle pen
In a produce truck
In a gas station
In a bus
30. What is Hatcher's ultimate fate?
He escapes into the jungle
He is killed by Beck
He is killed by Mariana
He is shot by the townspeople

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