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How Well Do You Know: The American President: Quotes
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Did anyone else notice that question #4 cited Shepherd on his first trip to the White House rather than Sydney?
Keryl 2/27/13 7:19 pm


1. Andrew Shepherd: "Janie, make a note. We need to schedule more events where somebody gives me a really big:"
Animal head
Belt buckle
2. Shepherd: "Well, it wouldn't be a Monday morning unless Lewis was concerned about:"
Something I did Sunday night
College football games on Saturday
Me doing something dumb Monday afternoon
Not having a date Monday night
3. Shepherd: "For reasons passing understanding, people do not relate guns to:"
People getting shot
Random acts of domestic terrorism
Gun-related crime
Inner city property values
4. Sydney: "Forgive me, this is my first time at the White House. I'm trying to savor the __________ quality."
Will Rogers
Yankee Doodle-esque
5. Sydney: "I haven't read it. If someone had asked me yesterday, I'd have told them the Quebec Conference was made up of:"
Six professional hockey teams
A gathering of Canadian cheese-makers
A bunch of snooty guys named Jean-Phillipe
A moose and beaver separatist party
6. Sydney: "If he honestly thinks that the environmental community is going to whistle a happy tune while rallying support around this pitifully lame mockery of environmental leadership just because he's a nice guy and he's done better than his predecessors, then your boss is the:":
President of Bozoville
Chief Executive of Fantasyland
Intellectual equal of Mr. Magoo
Mayor of Smogsville
7. Sydney: "Mr. President, I'm sure there's an appropriate thing to say at this moment. Probably some formal apology for the _______ remark would be in order."
'Nice ass'
'Arrogant blowhole'
'Mindless jerkwad'
8. Shepherd: "She didn't say anything about me?"
A.J. "Well, no, but I could:"
Pass her a note before study hall
Ask her if she likes you, or if she "likes you" likes you
Pull her pigtails for you
Write you a Valentine for her
9. A.J.: "With all due respect sir, the American people have a funny way of deciding on their own what is and what is not:"
Their business
Proper family values
Acceptable White House shenanigans
Worth getting in a tizzy about
10. Shepherd: "Sydney, this is just a dinner. We're not gonna be:"
Looking to dissolve NATO
Solving the unsolvable problems of the world
Formulating a solution for permanent peace in the Middle East
Doing espionage or anything
11. Shepherd: "I thought you spoke French."
Esther: "No, Latin."
Shepherd: "Great, next time ______ comes to town, you're our gal."
The Pope
Julius Caesar
Callus the Centurion
12. Shepherd: "And the answers are 'Sydney Ellen Wade' and:"
Because she caught my eye
Because I'm following my heart
Because she said 'yes'
Because she's not other people
13. Lewis: "Who are we calling, sir?"
Shepherd: " I'm calling the Organization of the United Brotherhood of _________, Lewis."
Leave-Me-Alone, I'm-the-President
14. Leo: "Because when it's the President, it's not personal. Sydney, I hired your reputation. I hired a _______, not a __________."
Barracuda / Barbie doll
Panther / pretty face
Pit bull / prom queen
Viper / vixen
15. Shepherd: "Someday somebody's going to have to explain to me the virtue of:"
A proportional response
Always doing the right thing
Virtuous valor
Peace through acts of war
16. Shepherd: "Let's try something new, 'cause I know that most couples, when they're first getting together, are inclined to slam on the brakes because they're concerned about Bob Rumson's:"
Polling figures
Dirty tricks
17. Shepherd: "You know what your problem is?"
Sydney: "What's my problem?"
Shepherd: "______ and _______."
Anticipation and regret
Expectations and excitement
Hero worship and heartbeats
Sex and nervousness
18. Shepherd: "Have you ever been to Camp David?"
Sydney: "Camp David? Sure. I used to go there all the time, but then they:"
Changed chefs
Cancelled bingo night
Went black-tie optional
Dropped the blue-plate special
19. Sydney: "I'm looking at your college transcripts. This isn't human. Nobody gets this many "A's." You were like a:"
Library nerd
Stepford student
Academic terminator
Little brown-noser
20. Gil: "Mr. President, militant women are out to destroy _______ in this country."
Race car driving
College football
Bass fishing
Rock and roll
21. Lewis: "__________ ? Nineteen post-graduate degrees in mathematics and you explain going from a 63 to a 46 percent approval rating in 5 weeks on_____________?"
Mood swings
Tea leaves
Pie charts
22. Shepherd: "We've had Presidents who were beloved, who couldn't find a coherent sentence with two hands and a:"
Team of linguists
23. Shepherd: "People don't drink the sand, because they're thirsty, Lewis. They drink it because:"
They're in the middle of the desert
They don't know the difference
They've been sold a ton of sand, cheap
They've forgotten what water tastes like
24. Shepherd: "He is interested in two things and two things only: Making you afraid of it and:"
Telling you who's to blame for it
Keeping you afraid of it
Wrapping it up in a neat little package
Making a catch-phrase about it
25. Shepherd: "I've loved two women in my life. I lost one to cancer, and I lost the other 'cause I was so busy keeping my job.....:"
I forgot how to be a man
I lost sight of what was important
I forgot to live life
I forgot to do my job

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