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How Well Do You Know: Argo
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1. I love it when movie quizzes start off nice and easy. What government agency does Tony Mendez work for?
Secret Service
Defense Department
2. The number of American personnel who successfully fleas the US embassy as it is being stormed is:
3. And the Americans who escape the US embassy find refuge in the:
Canadian embassy
British embassy
British Ambassador's house
Canadian Ambassador's house
4. And the sheltered Americans are later referred to by the US government officials as the:
Mary and Josephs
5. Through the movie, we see shredded documents which would give away the identities of the Americans being reassembled by:
Iranian government officials
Iranian militants
6. The original plan for evacuating Bob Anders and the other Americans involves this form of transportation:
A train
7. Tony gets the idea for the plan when he talks to his son on the phone while they are both watching this movie:
2001: A Space Odyssey
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Lawrence of Arabia
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
8. Argo, the movie-within-a-movie, belongs to this genre of film:
Romantic comedy
9. John Chambers (John Goodman) specializes in this aspect of movie making:
10. When Tony and John Chambers first meet Lester Siegel (Alan Arkin), he is reluctantly getting ready to go:
To the hospital
To the Golden Globes
To a divorce hearing
Receive a lifetime achievement award
11. At the Canadian Ambassador's house, the housekeeper starts to get suspicious of the Americans, because:
They don't have Canadian accents
The never go outside
They have been in the residence too long
They seem to know nothing about hockey or curling
12. Lester Siegel is able to secure rights for Argo when he bluffs about a studio deal regarding:
Donald Sutherland
Warren Beatty
Jack Nicholson
Paul Newman
13. "If you want to sell a lie...."
You'd better damn well believe it yourself
Get the press to sell it for you
Don't skimp on your cover story
Get a government stamp of approval first
14. A scene showing actors reading for roles in the the movie is intercut with a scene of:
The Houseguests arguing amongst themselves
A series of President Carter press conferences
The mock execution of those still at the US Embassy
Crowds rounding up suspected Americans in Tehran
15. Prior to arriving in Iran, Tony first contacts the Iranian consulate in this country:
16. When Tony first meets the Canadian Ambassador, the latter gives Tony passports for the others, but:
They have no stamps
The alias names don't match the correct faces
The covers of the passports are the wrong colors
The date of entry into the country is later than it should have been
17. Tony introduces himself to the group as having this last name, though he soon admits it's not his real surname:
18. To enhance the cover of a film crew, Tony schedules the group to take a trip to:
The bazaar
The countryside
A mosque
The airport
19. On their scouting trip into the city, one of the Americans makes this mistake that could very well give them away:
Reads from the script upside down
Looks through the wrong end of the viewfinder
Shoots film with the lens cap still on
Tries to speak with a Canadian accent
20. The scouting trip almost turns disastrous as a man in the bazaar loudly objects to:
Western-looking people walking around unchaperoned
Women appearing bare-headed
The Americans not haggling for purchases
One of the group taking photographs without permission
21. On the eve of the schedule extraction, as Tony is told that the operation has been cancelled, the other Americans are:
Working through the night on their cover stories
Arguing among themselves
22. With the operation cancelled but Tony and the others on the way to the airport, authorization for the release of the plane tickets have to come from:
The Secretary of State
The President
The Director of the CIA
The head of the Secret Service
23. Tony and the other Americans ultimately are cleared for tickets to depart on this airline:
Air Canada
Aer Lingus
Swiss Air
24. When skepticism from the airport checkpoint guards seems close to cracking the cover, one of the Americans produces _________ that bolsters the story:
Replicas of creatures from the movie
Film stock
An Academy Award
25. John Chambers almost misses the phone call from the Iranian airport verifying the identity of Tony because of:
A movie shoot
A burning fire
Misplaced keys
A power outage
26. If you looked closely during the movie, you might have spotted the official name of the operation, which was:
The Movie Deal
The Hollywood Option
The Hollywood Deal
The Movie Option
27. Within the movie, the production company which would produce Argo is called:
Backlot 40
Section 8
Stage 7
Studio 6
28. After Tony and the other Americans have left the country, we learn that the housekeeper has emigrated to:
29. For his work in the operation, Tony is awarded with this citation, although he doesn't actually receive for many years later:
Medal of Freedom
Intelligence Medal for Valor
Exceptional Service Medallion
Intelligence Star
30. Chris Terio won the 2013 Adapted Screenplay Oscar, using as his source the article "How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran" which was published in which magazine?
Rolling Stone

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