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How Well Do You Know: 2013 Super Bowl Commercials
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1. Remember this one featuring the red M&M?

He is singing a ballad made popular by this singer:
Michael Bolton
Celine Dion
By way of explanation.....
He won't do that...or that...
2. The first GoDaddy ad featured Walter's Big Moment....which supermodel is he making out with?

Marisa Millier
Brooklyn Decker
Bar Rafaeli
Kate Upton
By way of explanation.....
Together, they're perfect:
3. As Paul Harvey intoned, God made:
A lawyer
A farmer
A teacher
A mother
By way of explanation.....
4. Meanwhile, in an ad for Axe, you can punch a shark and save a bikini babe from drowning...

...but nothing beats:
A soldier
A fireman
An accountant
An astronaut
By way of explanation.....
Sadly, we did not register before midnight for our chance to go into space:
5. "I think the pads go under your clothes."
"Cup, too."

A spot for which CBS sitcom featured its cast dressed, more or less correctly, in football uniforms?
Two and a Half Men
2 Broke Girls
Rules of Engagement
The Big Bang Theory
By way of explanation.....
Pffft, Leonard:
6. "Bravery - it's what defines us." Which car company illustrates this object lesson through a kid's prom night adventures?

By way of explanation.....
Again, with the punching:
7. "Will this one read 50 Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?"

Which prime-time actress peppers a Best Buy employee with all sorts of unexpected questions?
Tiny Fey
Amy Poehler
Julianna Margulies
Elisha Cuthbert
By way of explanation.....
Are we in the cloud now?!?
8. What is the name of the planet where babies come from, in the ad from Kia?
By way of explanation.....
The wheels on the bus go round and round...
9. This make of car promises a genie in the form of Kaley Cuoco (yes, please):

By way of explanation.....
"Knees up."
10. To spice up the apparently all-too-smooth closing on a car, a rep from introduces this less-than-agreeable animal into the proceedings:

A wolverine
A wolf
A pit bull
A hyena
By way of explanation.....
It's a puppy!
11. An argument over which part of the Oreo is best - the cream part or the cookie part - breaks out in this unlikely place:
A day care center
A library
A church
The UN headquarters
By way of explanation.....
12. Apparently, Stevie Wonder's Bud Light-sponsored voodoo is only so strong, so he enlists this actress to assist in cursing a piece of living room furniture:

Nia Long
Eva Mendes
Natalie Portman
Zoe Saldana
By way of explanation.....
It *was* your lucky chair....
13. We don't like being told what to do. This film teased us with some enticing footage, but then directed us to go to Facebook to see more of the teaser:
Iron Man 3
Fast and Furious 6
Oz the Great and Powerful
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
By way of explanation.....
Still, cool:
14. A song sung by this woman provides the soundtrack for a nice Budweiser commercial in which a Clydesdale is reunited with his former caretaker:

Stevie Nicks
Sheryl Crow
By way of explanation.....
15. Saving the city from calamities both big and small has to wait until this action star can deliver some milk to a few young ladies:

Vin Diesel
Dwayne Johnson
Liam Neeson
Sylvester Stallone
By way of explanation.....
Ladies? Gotta go to work:
16. Sports figures can't correctly pronounce a combination of "February" and "any" in a spot for:
17. Put on a pair of running shoes by this brand, and you'll be able to out-cheetah a cheetah:

By way of explanation.....
Yeah, like that'll happen...
18. This brand of laundry detergent will totally ruin your Miracle Montana Stain, especially when it's wielded by your wife who roots for the Ravens:

By way of explanation.....
She probably pre-treated as well, right?
19. This technology device will *not* turn an out-of-control tanker truck into a harmless cascade of adorable rubber duckies:

Samsung Galaxy SIII
iPhone 5
By way of explanation.....
Call me when it can....though I still won't buy one:
20. And let's close by reminding you that Psy danced to hawk:
An airline
Men's underwear
A beer you've never heard of and will never, ever drink
By way of explanation.....

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