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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 13: Bendin’ in the Wind
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Bender is singing a song about how great he is, which is a variation of which song?
This Old Man
Little White Duck
The Frog Went A-Courtin’
Jimmy Crack Corn
The New New York Hole Project is excavating stuff from Fry’s time. What does it dump that makes Fry gasp?
a DeLorean
a VW minibus
a Plymouth Barracuda
the A-Team’s GMC van
Bender asks if the minibus is one of those ____________ he’s heard so much about?
Led Zeppelins
REO Speedwagons
Jefferson Starships
Bender is in the hospital due to a magnet related accident that has cost him the use of his limbs. Which musician is in the next hospital bed over?
Trent Reznor
Sufjan Stevens
Ryan Adams
Obviously, Beck is a head in a jar. What does he use for a body?
an exo-suit cargo-loader
a hat stand
a mannequin
a robotic octopus
Beck gives Bender a pair of tiny robotic arms, and asks him to be his new _________ player.
mouth bow
Bender goes on tour with Beck. A lot of the American states have been renamed in the past 1000 years. What is/are not one of them?
New New Jersey
Sylvania and the Penn Rebuplic
East West Virginia
Bender is an inspiration to broken robots, including the ones that are about to be recycled into.
Slurm cans
gun range targets
plumbing supplies
Beck apparently does not know what his song ____________ is about.
The New Pollution
Lord Only Knows
Devil’s Haircut
Bender is going to headline a special concert to raise awareness for broken robots. Aside from Bender and Beck, who else will be appearing?
Donovan’s head
Mixmaster Festus
Wailing Fungus
Bender is miraculously cured, but he is miserable because he can’t sing about being damaged if he isn’t. That would be like:
the Cranberries singing about being zombies
Fred Durst playing guitar
Madonna singing about eroticism
Christina Aguilera singing in Spanish
Whose descendant performs at Bend-Aid?
Neil Young’s
Art Garfunkel’s
Tori Amos’
Joni Mitchell’s
What is the name of Bender’s song?
Transistor In The Wind
My Broken Friend
Imagine All The Robots
Don’t Junk Me
According to Bender’s song, there are lots of things a broken robot could be. What is not one of them?
a great bit giant thermos with a twist-off top for soup
a storage closet for outdated pants
a ship’s anchor that could stop you running aground
a cheap doorstop
After a car chase through San Francisco, where do the folk singers catch up with Bender?
Fisherman’s Worf
the Golden Gate Hover-Bridge
Starfleet Command
Coitus Tower

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