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How Well Do You Know: 2013: Celebrities in Memoriam
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1. In January we bid farewell to this TV dad.
Andy Taylor - The Andy Griffith Show
Martin Crane - Frasier
Jason Seaver - Growing Pains
Phillip Drummond - Diff'rent Strokes
By way of explanation.....
Conrad Bain died of natural causes on January 14.
2. 94-year old Pauline Phillips died on January 16. Phillips had been giving advice to readers around the world for decades, but we knew her as:
Dear Abby
Miss Manners
Ann Landers
Ask Prudence
By way of explanation.....
Phillips penned Dear Abby for decades. Her twin sister Eppie Lederer was Ann Landers.
3. Despite a celebrated and accomplished lifelong career in film, this actor, who passed away on December 14 at the age of 81, holds the record for most Lead Actor Academy Award nominations without a win.
Peter O'Toole
Robert Duvall
Kirk Douglas
Dustin Hoffman
By way of explanation.....
Peter O'Toole was nominated for 8 Lead Actor awards.
4. One of this late actor's endeavors was a series of documentaries about war veterans and how post-traumatic stress disorder affects veterans and their families.
David Caruso
James Gandolfini
Nicholas Tuturro
Vincent Gallo
By way of explanation.....
The Sopranos' Gandolfini died in June at the age of 51.
5. Cory Monteith's untimely death in July at the age of 31 of a drug overdose stunned and saddened many fans of this popular TV show in which he co-starred.
New Girl
The Vampire Diaries
Game of Thrones
6. The actor who voiced this Simpsons character passed away in October.
Ned Flanders
Troy McClure
Sideshow Bob
Edna Krabappel
By way of explanation.....
Marcia Wallace died at the age of 70 after a long battle with breast cancer.
7. On March 1 we said goodbye to Bonnie Franklin, who died at age 69 of pancreatic cancer. Franklin, a TV and stage actress, was best known for her role on this show:
Three's Company
One Day at a Time
WKRP in Cincinnati
By way of explanation.....
Franklin played single mother Ann Romano from 1975-1984
8. This actor from the Fast and Furious series died on November 30 in a tragic fiery car crash that could have been part of one of his movies.
Vin Diesel
Tyrese Gibson
Paul Walker
Chris "Ludacris" Bridges
9. Richard Griffiths, who passed away in March at the age of 65, was an accomplished actor of stage and screen, winning a Tony for his role in The History Boys. However, he is probably best known to the younger crowd for his role in which popular film series?
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
The Chronicles of Narnia
By way of explanation.....
Richard Griffiths portrayed Harry's uncle Vernon Dursley.
10. In his early days reviewing movies, this late film critic co-wrote screenplays for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, as well as a few low-budget sexploitation films.
Leonard Maltin
Roger Ebert
Rex Reed
Gene Shalit
11. This late actress, also an athlete, was set to compete in the 1940 Olympics until the outbreak of WWII resulted in their cancellation.
Maureen O'Hara
Janet Leigh
Lauren Bacall
Esther Williams
By way of explanation.....
Williams was a champion swimmer, which was incorporated into many of her films.
12. This late actress who died in April owed her career to Walt Disney. He cast her in one of his shows after seeing her performing in a dance recital at the age of 12.
Annette Funicello
Peggy Lipton
Lesley Ann Warren
13. Jean Stapleton, who passed away May 31 at the age of 90, was a stage, screen and TV actress. She may be best known for her role as this TV mom.
June Cleaver - Leave it to Beaver
Shirley Partridge - The Partridge Family
Edith Bunker - All in the Family
Marion Cunningham - Happy Days
14. This late actress, one of Alfred Hitchcock's muses, was known not only for her successful movie career, but for her toxic decades-long feud with her actress sister.
Joan Fontaine
Tippi Hedren
Grace Kelly
Ingrid Bergman
By way of explanation.....
Joan Fontaine's long-standing feud with sister Olivia de Havilland started in the 1940s. Fontaine, 96, passed away on December 15.
15. This versatile actress, who passed away on December 9 at the age of 91, was known as Woman of a Thousand Faces. She might be best known to movie audiences, however, for her role as Baroness Schraeder in The Sound of Music.
Jane Russell
Doris Day
Eleanor Parker
Eva Marie Saint
16. This late TV actress, one of the longest-serving soap opera actors at the time of her death, had her facelift written into her soap character's storyline.
Jeanne Cooper
Susan Lucci
Deidre Hall
Frances Reid
By way of explanation.....
Cooper, who portrayed Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless, died on May 8. She was the mother of actor Corbin Bernsen.
17. In April we said goodbye to this comedic legend and actor, whose varied career included roles as an alien and a Smurf.
George Carlin
Jerry Lewis
Jonathan Winters
Bob Hope
By way of explanation.....
Winters co-starred on Mork & Mindy as their child, and voiced Grandpa Smurf (TV show) and Papa Smurf (2011/2013 movies).
18. This late actor, who died in July at age 69, had a long career as a Chicago police officer before becoming an actor.
Dennis Farina
Craig T Nelson
Jeffrey Tambor
Sam Elliott
19. This "Clue" character's obituary might read as follows: _____________, at home, of bladder cancer.
Miss Scarlet
Professor Plum
Mrs Peacock
Colonel Mustard
By way of explanation.....
Eileen Brennan (Mrs Peacock) died of bladder cancer in July at the age of 80.
20. This celebrated world political figure passed away on December 5 at the age of 95. His life has been reenacted numerous times on film, and he has been portrayed by actors such as Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, Idiris Elba and Danny Glover.
Desmond Tutu
Kofi Annan
Nelson Mandela
Oliver Tambo

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