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How Well Do You Know: Live Free or Die Hard
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Another 19 years between films, and I'll *still* be spry enough to scale automotive wreckage!

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1. The film takes place around what holiday?
The Fourth of July
New Year's
2. Matt Farrell was spared the fate suffered by at least one other hacker who had unknowingly colluded with Gabriel. How were the other hackers eliminated?
Electrocuted through their CPUs
Driven into a catatonic state by a strobing effect on their computer monitor
Explosion triggered by computer keyboard
Shot and/or strangled
3. In what city were Matt and McClane when the chaos started?
Los Angeles
New York
Las Vegas
Washington, DC
4. 'You just killed a ________ with a _______'
Bad guy/fire extinguisher
5. What chaos-inducing event first clued McClane into the fact that bad things were afoot?
A plane crashed
The stock market collapsed
A colosal traffic jam
The city went dark
6. Lucy McClane first appeared on-screen when her father interrupted her doing what?
Participating in an on-line poker game
Studying for an exam
Making out in a car
Doing her laundry
7. Thomas Gabriel played two publicly-broadcast video clips. The first contained a message comprised of clips of:
Presidential speeches
Animated cartoons
Sporting event highlights
Weather forecasts
8. The second video contained a fabricated display of the destruction of which US landmark?
US Capitol
The Lincoln Memorial
The Washington Monument
The St. Louis Arch
9. Matt gave what name to the type of attack that Gabriel was launching?
Rhythm & Blues
Black Friday
Fire Sale
10. An ill-fated policeman who appeared briefly in the film shared a name of someone from an earlier Die Hard film. What was it?
Sergeant Powell
Agent Johnson
Dick Thornburg
Inspector Cobb
11. What was the name of the complex described as a Social Security Administration annex, but which held the financial data that Gabriel ultimately south?
Lost Park
Cinnamon Springs
12. To what state did McClane and Matt travel in order to stop the raid on the East Coast utilities hub?
New York
West Virginia
13. Gabriel was able to nab Lucy when she became stuck when the power went out. Where did Gabriel's men find her?
An elevator
An ATM booth
A subway
A hospital room
14. Thomas Gabriel worked for which US government agency before going rogue?
Department of Defense
Secret Service
Homeland Security
Transportation Safety Administration
15. Portrayed by Cliff Curtis, what was the last name of the FBI director who coordinated with McClane?
16. To prove that the US was susceptible to cyber terrorism, Gabriel broke into _______ with a laptop:
West Point
The New York Stock Exchange
The Federal Reserve
17. The Warlock would only answer you if you addressed him as such, so don't bother calling him this, his real name:
Wes Westerberg
Freddy Kaludis
Walter Smithson
Simon Applegarth
18. Maggie Q plays Mai, a member of Gabriel's team. Which best describes the relationship between Mai and Gabriel?
19. What was the significance of 66.6 in the film?
It was the amount of money, in trillions, that Gabriel was trying to steal
It was Matt's former handle as a hacker
It was the Warlock's CB radio band
It was the temperature outside when Gabriel began his attack
20. A fighter jet attempted to blow McClane to Action Hero Heaven as he drove what type of vehicle?
Dump truck
Semi truck
Armored car
Yellow school bus
21. What was the name of the bespectacled young man who provided technical expertise for Gabriel?
22. Gabriel proposes that which phrase be inscribed on McClane's tombstone?
Always in the wrong place at the wrong time
Welcome to the party, pal
So much for the element of chance
23. A bullet killed Gabriel. Who was holding the gun that fired the fatal shot?
One of Gabriel's henchmen
24. Early in the film, McClane and Matt argue about the merits of a classic rock song. That same song played over the closing credits. Who performed the music?
Credence Clearwater Revival
The Beatles
Grand Funk Railroad
The Rolling Stones
25. Compared to the earlier movies in the series, Live Free or Die Hard was different in that:
It was the only one in which McClane's wife did not appear
It was the only one nominated for an Academy Award
It was the only one that was not rated R
It was the only one in which the main villain had a female accomplice

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