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How Well Do You Know: Big
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1. Why does Josh get the idea that he wants to become bigger?
He's being picked on by older kids
He wants to live on his own
The girl he likes tells him he's too young
He isn't tall enough for a ride
2. What is the name of the game that grants Josh's wish?
The Great Benzenni
The Mysterious Mustaphas
3. Grown-up Josh tries and fails to prove to his mom that he's her son. What example does he NOT gives as proof?
His birthday
The name of his baseball team
His father's name
A birthmark
4. Okay, you know you know Billy and Josh's secret song. Finish the ending: Ice cream, soda pop, vanilla on the top. Ooh, Shelly's out walking down the street, ten times a week. I read it. I said it. I stole my momma's credit. I'm cool. I'm hot. ____________.
Take me to the graveyard, at let me fall
Sock me in the stomach, three more times
Tear me off another, bad ass rhyme
Bury me in peanut butter, up to my knees
5. What city is Josh not suppose to go to without his parents?
New York
Los Angeles
6. Josh says to Billy, "I'm gonna be ____ years old for the rest of my life."
7. Josh applies for a job doing what?
Video game developer
Toy developer
Computer operator
8. What important information did Josh leave off his job application?
Prior work history
Social security number
Where he went to school
Date of birth
9. What famous Saturday Night Live comedian makes a appearance as Josh's co-worker?
Dana Carvey
Kevin Nealon
Phil Hartman
Jon Lovitz
10. What does Josh do to his boss on the first day, to earn his respect?
Knock him down
Impress a client
Works extremely efficiently
Trip Paul
11. To celebrate Josh's first whopping paycheck, Billy and Josh go back to Josh's room. They get into a play fight involving what?
Cans of pop
Silly string
Water balloons
12. What embarrassing act does Josh's mom insist that he do while on the phone, to prove to her Josh is alive?
Sing a song from Baby Mine
Recite the poem: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
Sing the song The Way We Were
Recite from his favorite book The Runaway Bunny
13. What is the type of toy, that Josh just doesn't get?
A robot that turns into rocket
A building that turns into a robot
A robot that turns into a bug
A dinosaur that turns into a car
14. Josh gets a hell of a promotion. what is he's new job title?
CEO of Macmillan Toys
President of product sales
Head of marketing sales
Vice President of product development
15. Josh arrives at the company party and receives quite the stares. What is he wearing to cause the stir?
A white band leaders suit
A blinking tie
A large top hat
A burgundy tuxedo
16. Josh hates the food at the party, and gags on the caviar. What does he wants instead?
A cheeseburger
Some chocolate cookies
A milkshake
A pepperoni pizza
17. Okay,here's a real easy one. Josh and Susan spend most of the night at Josh's doing what?
Swinging on swings
Bouncing on a trampoline
Playing video games
18. What does Josh give Susan during their sleepover together?
A glow in the dark key chain
A friendship bracelet
A boy scout knife that tells time
A compass ring
19. Josh gets hurt playing what game with Paul?
Basket ball
20. What does Susan say is so special about Josh anyway, when Paul asks?
He's sweet and caring
He's a big kid
He's a grown-up
He's fun
21. Josh goes to a co-worker's home for dinner, but spends the evening with his son instead. What is he doing with the kid?
Watching television
Playing video games
Teaching him algebra
Playing basketball
22. What kind of toy does Josh develop?
A interactive comic book
A piano you play with your feet
A talking robot
A video game
23. Josh tries to tell Susan the truth about himself, but only confuses her. What does Susan at first think Josh is trying to tell her?
He's cheating on her
He's really gay
He's dying
He's married
24. What is the reason Billy gives Josh about why he needs to return to being a kid?
He mother misses him
He's baseball team needs him
He's suppose to be his best friend
Everybody is still looking for him
25. Susan is disappointed when Josh tells her his real age. What is it?

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