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How Well Do You Know: The Good Son
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1. Mark is sent to live with his aunt and uncle after who in his family dies?
His sister
His dad
His brother
His mom
2. Macaulay Culkin acts in the film along side what member of his real-life family?
His sister
His aunt
His grandmother
His mother
3. How did Henry's little brother Richard die?
From a fall
From choking
From drowning
From poisoning
4. We get a sense of Henry's twisted sense of humor right away. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Mark, Henry:
Pokes him with a pin
Violently kicks him
Pinches him hard
Violently punches him
5. Mark's first day with Henry begins with a near death experience. How does Mark almost die?
Falling from a tree
Falling into the ocean
Falling down a well
Falling off the roof
6. Henry introduces Mark to the fine art of vandalism. What do Henry and Mark have fun doing?
Spray painting houses
Knocking down mailboxes
Throwing rocks at cars
Breaking windows
7. Before heading home for the day Henry introduces Mark to Mark's first:
Playboy magazine
8. Where does Henry's mom Susan go to think about Henry's baby brother Richard?
In the forest
On a cliff
On the water
On a bridge
9. Henry has a creepy gun that shoots nails and bolts. What does he aim at and miss?
The neighbor's dog
A squirrel
A goose
A cat
10. Marks lives with continued guilt about his mother. Why does he feel so guilty?
He wasn't there when she died
He promised her she wouldn't die
He never got to say I love you and goodbye
His last words to her were with angry ones
11. Once again, Henry wants to play with his creepy homemade gun. But this time Henry, doesn't miss. What does Henry kill?
A dog
A rabbit
A cat
A raccoon
12. Henry introduces Mark to a very special friend, Mr. ______.
13. Henry finds a new target, and begins to threaten Mark with the life of:
Wallace (Henry's dad)
Susan (Henry's mom)
Connie (Henry's sister)
Jack (Mark's dad)
14. Mark asks Dr. Davenport if she believes:
In demons
In redemption
In reincarnation
In evil
15. Henry purposely upsets his mother by telling her what lie?
Mark wants to hear about how Richard died
Mark wants to see Richard's grave
Mark wants to move into Richard's room
Mark broke some of Richard's things
16. How does Henry attempt to kill Connie?
Pushing her into traffic
Pushing her onto thin ice
Pushing her out of the tree house
Pushing her over a cliff
17. What has Mark convinced himself to be true about his mother?
She has come back as a angel
She is protecting him against Henry
She has come back as a ghost
She has come back as Susan
18. Henry attempts to kill Connie in the hospital, only to be foiled by his mother. How does he try to kill her?
Putting a pillow over her face
Give her a shot with air
Taking away her oxygen
Pulling out her IV's
19. Henry insinuates to Mark he may or may not kill his entire family. How does Mark think Henry will do it?
By cutting their throats while they sleep
By setting the house on fire
By leaving the gas pilot on
By poisoning their food
20. Susan finds Richard's _______ in Henry's possession, and becomes aware Henry is lying about how Richard really died.
Rubber ducky
Toy boat
Teddy bear
21. What does Henry do with all the evidence of his criminal activity?
Throws it into the ocean
Burns it
Buries it
Throws it down a well
22. Henry and Mark get into a fight in Henry's room. What kind of weapon does Mark try and use on Henry?
A piece of glass
A hammer
Crochet needle
23. How does Henry try and kill his mother?
Pushing her into the ocean
Hitting her with a large tree branch
Pushing her off a cliff
Strangling her with a rope
24. How does Henry die?
He trips and breaks his neck
He falls landing on rocks
He drowns
He falls hanging himself by his jacket
25. Besides Macaulay Culkin's sister, who else in the Culkin family can be seen in the film?
Rory Culkin
Dakota Culkin
Kieran Culkin
Kit Culkin
By way of explanation.....
Rory Culkin appears as Henry's little brother Richard.

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