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How Well Do You Know: Demolition Man
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Just for some information. The question about what franchise is the only restaurant left in the future. The answer is what it is, however, in international versions of the film, it was changed to Pizza Hut. So it might be a fair idea to change Pizza Hut to something else, as technically it is a correct answer outside of the USA and Canada. It was changed because (the answer) does not have restaurants outside of the USA and Canada. (possibly South American too)
Xdegenerate 3/2/14 10:40 pm


1. Simon Phoenix explains that nobody is to come into his territory. Who hasn't figure that out yet, and is now being held hostage according to Simon?
The bus driver and passengers
The police
Cab drivers
2. What is the Demolitions Man's real name?
John Spartan
Frank Leone
Gabe Walker
Lincoln Hawk
3. What was John charged with consequently causing him to be frozen?
False imprisonment
4. In the year 2032, cursing has become illegal. What is the punishment for a naughty word?
A fine for 500 dollars
A day in jail
A fine of one credit
Community service
5. Simon severely injures the warden to break out of the cyro-prison. What does Simon do to the warden?
Cut of his hand
Peel his face off
Cut off his finger tips
Take his eye out
6. Simon is sent by Dr. Raymond to kill a man by the name of what?
7. The chief of police has made the determination that once free, Simon will do what first?
Try and leave the country
Start selling drugs
Go for a gun
Hijack another bus
8. It's a scary future indeed. Apparently, all toilet paper has been eradicated and in its place is what?
Two green bottles
A ball of string
Three seashells
A leather strap
9. Buzzers and alarms are going off everywhere in the city because of Simon. What does the alarm keeping saying?
D.H.O.: Death Has Occurred
M.D.K.: Murder Death Kill
U.N.D.: Unnatural Death
10. The favorite music in the future is what?
Commercial jingles
Elevator music
Show tunes
11. Simon realizes he badly needs a gun. Where is the only place one can find a gun in the future?
The police station
In the movies
Antique store
A museum
12. In the year 2032 all restaurants have the same name. What is it?
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
13. Huxley informs John that this has become illegal, having been deemed bad for people:
14. What does Friendly and his band of misfits want and will take by force?
Luxury items
15. Never missing a opportunity to give each other shout outs in each others movies. Stallone mentions Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film. What supposedly had Arnold become in the not so near future?
President of the United States
First man on Mars
The inventor of abs-in-a-can
Governor of California
16. Why is sex outlawed in the future?
Because it controls the population
Because it corrupts and perverts people's minds
Because of diseases
Because it can lead to rape
17. What brand new profession has been programmed into John's head by the cyro-prison?
18. Dr. Raymond has a very annoying lackey that follows him around. What name does this man go by?
Associate Bob
Consort Phil
Side kick Thomas
Assistant Ned
19. Where are Friendly and his followers hiding?
In caves
In abandoned airplane hangers
In the forest
Underneath the ground
20. What does Simon ask for as a reward for killing Friendly?
A full pardon
$100 million
21. What does John find delicious to eat with the underground people, though it disgusts Huxley?
Dog sandwich
A rat burger
Squirrel stew
Mouse nuggets
22. Who does Simon say Dr. Raymond reminds him of?
Mr. Rogers
The father from Father knows best
A Care Bear
The father from the Brady Bunch
23. Why do Friendly and his followers live underground?
They are all criminals avoiding jail
They were shunned for being poor
They don't want to live by Dr. Raymond's rules
They were all ostracized for being ill
24. Simon is completely ecstatic over the thought of defrosting what well known killer?
Charles Manson
The Son of Sam
The Night Stalker
Jeffery Dahmer
25. How is Simon Phoenix killed?
He is shot by John
He is frozen, then hit by John
He is trapped in the burning building
He is crushed by the cyro freezing machine

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