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How Well Do You Know: L.A. Story
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1. What was the name of the magician whose head the gravedigger found at the cemetery?
2. Harris had a PhD in what field?
Arts & Humanities
3. On his way to brunch, Harris is horrified to realize it is the first day of spring. This signifies what?
The weather is about to dramtically change
The beginning of allergy season
The beginning of open season on the LA freeway
The milk in his refrigerator is going bad
4. Sandee is studying to become what?
A spokesmodel
A meteorologist
A supermodel
An acrobat
5. What is Sara's job?
Journalist for the London Times
Coffee-shop owner
6. According to Harris, what time can someone start making loud, sustained booming sounds?
6:00 am
7:45 am
9:00-9:15 am
3:45 pm
7. Harris buys what article of clothing from Sandee's character?
A pair of pants
A pair of socks
A tie
A seersucker suit
8. On their first meeting, the signpost asks Harris to do what?
Bring it cookies
Repaint it
Speak of it fondly
Hug it
9. Why do Trudi and Harris stop seeing each other?
She was sleeping with his agent
She was sleeping with his boss
She wanted to get a sex change
He refused to kiss people hello
10. The signpost's first major prediction in the film is:
"You will have sex during a formal dinner party"
"The weather will change your life twice"
"Your boss would make a great bartender"
"You will never make a bad movie"
11. Why does Harris get fired?
His boss loses his boat during a rainstorm
He swears at the station owner
One of his on-air stunts goes awry
He punches the restaurant critic
12. Harris' financial statement allows him to order what at L'Idiot?
After-dinner mints
13. Why does Harris say he could never be a woman?
He doesn't find men attractive
He would look too hippy in dresses
He would be afraid to apply mascara
He would stay home playing with his breasts all day
14. Sara is exceptionally bad at what indoor activity?
Cleaning her bathroom
Throwing darts
15. What unusual setting does Harris have on his shower?
Slo Mo
Gentle Mist
Heavy Water
16. The name of the Santa Barbara hotel Harris takes Sandee to translates as:
Chicken of the Sea
Three Little Pigs
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Tanned Rested and Ready
17. Sara plays what type of instrument?
18. The phrase that the signpost relays to Harris, when unscrambled, refers to:
A name on a tombstone at the graveyard
The song that Sara plays
Harris' description of LA architecture
The name of the clinic where Harris and Sandee get colonics
19. What phrase does Harris write on his window?
Do Not Feed the Bears
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Desperately Handsome
Bored Beyond Belief
20. What does Sandee say is the correct spelling of her name (less the star at the end)?

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