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How Well Do You Know: Downton Abbey, Season 2 Recap
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1. What rank in the army is Matthew Crawley?
2. And what rank is Lord Grantham?
Lord Lieutenant
3. Daisy is no longer afraid to do what?
Use the carving knife
Go upstairs
Speak to Lady Edith Crawley
Use the light switch
4. What is the name of the book that Mosley gives to Anna?
Elizabeth and the German Garden
Sally and the Swedish Sparrow
Rosemary and the Russian Roulette
Amy and the Austrian Aunt
5. What is the name of Matthew's fiancé?
Hortense Mancini
Lavinia Swire
Miranda Cholmondley-Warner
Estella Haversham
6. William asks for what from Daisy before he goes to war?
A picture
A lock of her hair
A handkerchief
A garter
7. What secret does Mr Lang accidentally reveal to the servants?
Tom was a thief
That Mrs Padmore's nephew was shot for cowardice
Mary had a Turkish man in her bed
That Bates is working in the area
8. What is the name of the pub Bates is working at?
The Green Man
The White Hart
The Blue Post
The Red Lion
9. Why is Branson rejected by the Army?
Flat Feet
Heart murmur
10. Why did Lavinia reveal the Marconi scandal to Sir Richard?
She’s really a spy
By leaking the news she hopes to cause an anarchist uprising
To save her father from financial ruin
To prove she’s in love with Sir Richard
11. According to Dr Clarkson, what are convalescence homes about?
Giving the best possible care to those who have done us proud
Good food, fresh air and clean sheets
Putting men out to pasture
Keeping the forgotten out of sight
12. What song does Mary sing?
If you were the only girl in the world
It’s a Long Way to Tipperary
Pack Up Your Troubles
Keep the Home Fires Burning
13. After Bates left, why does Lord Grantham mainly want to see him?
To give him a letter of recommendation
To declare his love for him
To ensure he wouldn’t talk about the families indiscretions
He felt that they had parted badly
14. What did Mosley buy for Lord Grantham?
A pocket watch
A shoehorn
A razor kit
A bow tie
15. Who does the Dowager Countess suppose will be next in line as heir after Matthew?
A butler from Swansea
A miner from Doncaster
A chimney sweep from Solihull
A butcher from Birmingham
16. Who plays Sir Richard Carlisle?
Douglas Hodge
Iain Glenn
Toby Stephens
Trevor Eve
17. Who brings food to Ethel?
Lady Edith
Mrs Hughes
18. Who plays Lord Grantham’s sister?
Alison Steadman
Julie Walters
Celia Imrie
Samantha Bond
19. Which servant does Lord Grantham take a shine to?
20. What does it say in the telegram to Bates?
That he’s been conscripted
That his wife has been found dead
That he’s won the lottery
He is father to a five year old girl
21. What does Sir Richard ask Anna to do?
Report on Lady Mary’s actions
To pack a suitcase for Lady Mary
Have sex with him
Not to tell Lady Mary about a surprise gift for her
22. How did Vera kill herself?
She hanged herself
She used an old service revolver
She took poison
Jumped in front of a train
23. What does Thomas do when he finds out his black market goods are tainted?
Donates them to a homeless shelter
Destroys them
Sells them on to a local hospital
Buries it
24. What career does Branson have after leaving Downton?
25. Who is first to die from flu?
Lady Cora
Mr Carson
26. What is the name of Lord Grantham’s sister?
Lady Helena Stewart
Lady Philippa Hamilton
Lady Rosamund Painswick
Lady Katherine Moore
27. What book was Lady Mary miming in the Christmas game of Charades?
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Far from the Madding Crowd
Great Expectations
Wuthering Heights
28. Who ends up giving damning evidence against Bates in his trial?
Mrs Hughes
Lord Grantham
Miss O’Brien

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