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How Well Do You Know: Midnight Run
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1. When the film opens, Jack is chasing down a man when Marvin turns up to take him in. Jack is able to get the better of Marvin by:
Throwing dirt in Marvin's eyes
Telling Marvin his shoe is untied
Getting him to turn the other way and then belting him
Beating Marvin to the draw
2. Eddie Moscone offers to pay Jack $50,000 to bring Jonathan Mardukas in. Jack insists on this amount, and insists on getting the agreement in writing:
3. Meanwhile, Eddie pays Jack with money he produces from:
In his shoe
In his sock
Underneath his hairpiece
In his briefcase
4. Jack learns that he has to travel to this city to find The Duke:
Washington, DC
New York
5. At his first meeting with FBI agent Alonso Mosely, Jack:
Breaks Mosely's sunglasses
Steals Mosely's badge
Spills coffee on Mosely's tie
Accidentally breaks Mosely's arm
6. Things don't go so smoothly when Jack tries to apprehend Mardukas in his home, and Jack ends up getting trapped in:
A shower
The laundry room
The attic
A closet
7. The first form of transportation that Jack first uses to bring Mardukas in is:
His own car
8. Someone tips Jimmy Serrano's men off as to Jack's progress throughout the movie. Who is it?
Eddie Moscone
Jerry, who works for Eddie
Someone in the FBI office
9. "I'll tell you what: if you don't cooperate, you're gonna suffer from:"
10. Jack is saving up for this type of business:
A record store
An auto parts store
A coffee shop
A book store
11. Through a conversation with Mardukas, we learn that Jack used to be a cop in this city, which, coincidentally, used to be Jimmy Serrano's turf:
Las Vegas
12. After Eddie Moscone puts Marvin on Jack and The Duke's trail, Marvin catches up with Jack:
In an airport
In a southwestern US town
In Las Vegas
On a train
13. Jack finds out that his credit card has been canceled:
When he tries to buy a bus ticket
When he tries to buy a present for his daughter
When he tries to buy dinner
When he tries to fill up his car
14. When they encounter each other during the movie, Alonso Mosely steals from Marvin:
His sunglasses
His cigarettes
His money
His car keys
15. Serrano has snipers set to take out Mardukas when he gets off the bus in Chicago. Mardukas isn't killed, though. Why?
The FBI arrives
They are really bad shots
Jack and Mardukas have switched buses
The building on which the snipers wait catches fire
16. Jack's ex-wife has married:
A Chicago cop
One of Jimmy Serrano's enforcers
A schoolteacher
Mardukas's cousin
17. As they drive to Texas, Mardukas annoys Jack by singing this annoying song:
The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round
Row Row Row Your Boat
The Twelve Days of Christmas
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
18. Mardukas asks Jack when he'll get a new __________. Jack says he'll tell Mardukas when he gets to know him better.
Cigarette lighter
Set of shoelaces
19. Mardukas falls in love with the idea of _________ and eggs:
20. Jack shoots down an helicopter full of Serrano's men as they try to shoot Mardukas. Where is The Duke while this is happening?
In a river
Hanging off a bridge
In Marvin's car
Running down a highway
21. Jack and Mardukas hitch a ride to a small town. Mardukas tries to escape from the town by:
Stealing a car
Flying a plane
Hiding in a truck
Jumping on a train
22. Jack suffers from:
An irregular heartbeat
23. In Red's Corner Bar, Mardukas asks Jack to perform the ________ configururation:
24. What is Red's real name?
John Flood
Bill Wood
Sydney Jonson
Artie Redstone
25. "There are a couple there I might have taken a shot at." Mardukas gets Jack to admit his feelings for:
26. Jack is oddly attached to his watch, which was given to him by:
His ex-wife
His former captain
Jimmy Serrano
His former landlord
27. ________ act as a calling card between Jack and Alonso Mosely:
Packs of cigarettes
Cigarette lighters
Belt buckles
28. At the point at which Marvin knocks out Jack and apprehends Mardukas, Marvin is angling for a deal with:
Jimmy Serrano
29. The climax of the film takes place in this city's airport:
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
30. "That's a very respectable neighborhood."

After Jack says he'll let Mardukas go, Jonathan gives Jack a gift of:
$1 million

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