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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 08: Out of Gas
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What do you know.  It *is* lupus, and House is on the other side of the 'verse

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1. Who is the first character shown at the start of the episode?
Inara Serra
Jayne Cobb
Mal Reynolds
Simon Tam
2. Mal: "Ship like this will be with you til the day you die." Zoe:
"And the certain cause of my death."
"Because it's a death trap."
"Not with a pilot like that creepy guy with the moustache."
"Which will be exactly two seconds after you start the engine. "
3. Whose birthday is it during this episode?
Kaylee Frye
River Tam
Shepherd Book
Simon Tam
4. How did the rest of the crew discover the date of Simon's birthday?
An arrest warrant contained the data.
He wouldn't stop talking about it for weeks.
Kaylee snooped in his space-wallet.
River told them.
5. Who is badly burned and almost killed in the fiery blast?
6. In addition to the afore-mentioned creepy moustache, what other attire does Wash wear during the flashback meeting with the captain?
Banana hammock
Ducktailed hair
Hawaiian shirt
Orange pants
7. How is Mal revealed to have met Kaylee?
She was sleeping with Inara
She was sleeping with Jayne
She was sleeping with the original mechanic
She was sleeping with the original pilot
8. Sunny as always, River points out the way the crew will die. How will it happen?
Blown to bits by the explosion
Freezing to death
Reavers will find, rape and eat them.
9. "What do you two think you're doin'? Fightin' at a time like this."
"I don't want to have to kill you. Well, that's completely honest of me."
"I knew I shouldn't have left Vera in the bunk."
"This is our last chance for sex."
"You'll use up all the air."
10. What does the enhancement of the beacon's signal do to oncoming ships?
It broadcasts porn.
It mucks up their navigation system.
It stops them dead in their tracks.
It traps them in its gravitational pull.
11. What does Inara claim to bring to the Serenity crew?
Communicable diseases
12. "Mal, you don't have to die alone."
"Everybody dies alone."
"It's what I've wanted since Serenity Valley."
"Serenity is here. I'm not alone."
"Yes, I do. Remember, it's a death trap."
13. How does Mal meet Jayne for the first time?
Jayne is trying to rob Serenity.
Mal is trying to rob Jayne.
Marco's crew is robbing Mal and Zoe.
14. What does the captain believe is fair compensation for the catalyzer?
All the credits on the ship
A herd of cows
Mal's shirt
15. Who gave the order to turn around, thereby saving Mal's life?

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