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How Well Do You Know: Six Degrees of Separation
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1. Professionally, Ouissa and Flan Kittredge are:
Interior decorators
Art dealers
Antique dealers
2. The Kittredges' pride and joy is their ______, which is painted on both sides.
Van Gogh
3. Paul finagles his way into Flan and Ouise's house by claiming:
He was mugged
He was locked out of his home
He's lost
He was in a accident
4. More than once, it comes into question why there is a statue of a ________ in the middle of Central Park.
Mountain gorilla
Burmese python
Siberian husky
African elephant
5. Paul claims to be the son of whom?
Harry Belafonte
James Earl Jones
Bill Cosby
Sidney Poitier
6. Paul tells the family that his father is currently directing which film?
A Pickle in the Sun
Guess Who's Coming to Brunch?
7. Paul recounts his thesis and impresses the family with his knowledge of the book ______.
Catcher in the Rye
The Counte of Monte Cristo
David Copperfield
To Kill a Mockingbird
8. What is Paul found doing the next morning by Ouisa?
Stealing her jewelry
Sneaking a woman out of the house
Trying to steal her husband's painting
Having sex with a man
9. We come to find out that Paul has been deceiving other families about his true identity. How many OTHER families/people has he fooled with his story about being Poitier's son?
10. What famous 80's child actor plays the role of the man who coaches Paul into fooling everyone?
Anthony Michael Hall
Judd Nelson
Corey Haim
Andrew McCarthy
11. From what Paul is told, the best present to give a wealthy person is what?
A votive candle
A box of mints
A bottle of wine
A pot of jam
12. Paul meets a couple in the park and tells them is father is who?
13. Paul drives a wedge between the couple Trent and Elizabeth when he does what?
Has sex with Elizabeth
Steals all of their money
Has sex with Trent
Burglarizes their apartment
14. What happens to Trent and Elizabeth after Paul exits their lives?
The couple divorces
Elizabeth is killed trying to rob someone
The couple loses their apartment
Trent kills himself
15. Ouise recounts the story of slapping what famous work of art?
The Sistine Chapel
Whistler's Mother
The Mona Lisa
The statue of David
16. What does Ouise tell Paul she'll do for him?
Let him live with Flan and her
Turn him over to the police
Give him money to get out of town
Send him to art school
17. What is the one thing Paul asks Ouise to bring with him to the police station?
A pot of jam
A picture of the Kandinsky
A pink shirt
A picture of herself
18. What are Ouise's last words to Paul?
Please don't ever leave us again
We'll have a wonderful life together
Come home with us
I love you
19. Ouise is crushed she doesn't know what happened to Paul after his arrest. What is NOT a contributing factor to why she never found Paul?
Paul was extradited to another state
She didn't know Paul's real last name
The detective handling the case was transferred
She wasn't family
20. At the end of the movie, what do we know about Paul that is an actual fact?
That is name is indeed Paul
That he was originally from California
That he graduated from Princeton
That he was NOT Sidney Poitier's son

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