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How Well Do You Know: The 2008 Academy Awards
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1. ABC audiences were treated to this personality heading its red-carpet pre-show:
Billy Bush
Regis Philbin
Star Jones
Dick Clark
2. Which actor presented Best Picture?
Josh Brolin
Colin Farrell
Denzel Washington
Jack Nicholson
3. Who presented the first award of the evening?
Helen Mirren
Cate Blanchett
Jennifer Garner
Forest Whitaker
4. Which animated character introduced a category?
Remy from Ratatouille
Cody from Surf's Up
Barry B. Benson from Bee Movie
Marjane from Persepolis
5. Knocked Up/Superbad buddies Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill presented together. Their shtick developed from the fact that they were introduced as Judi Dench and which other actress?
Halle Berry
Julia Roberts
Angelina Jolie
Renee Zellweger
6. Who appeared on stage wearing this ensemble:
Renee Zelwegger
Nicole Kidman
Kate Beckinsale
Ellen Page
7. Which of these was not an Academy Awards presenter?
Owen Wilson
The Rock
Tom Hanks
Ben Stiller
8. Co-stars from which summer film presented together?
Iron Man
Get Smart
The Dark Knight
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
9. Which of these subjects was not the recipient of a montage?
Bad dreams
Best kisses
Best picture winners
Binoculars and periscopes
10. No Country for Old Men won the most Academy Awards. Which film won the second most?
The Bourne Ultimatum
La Vie en Rose
There Will Be Blood
11. Stewart had some fun with some of the pregnant actresses in attendance. Which of the following was not mentioned during his "...and the baby goes to:" bit?
Jessica Alba
Cate Blanchett
Jennifer Lopez
Nicole Kidman
12. Which of these films did not win an Academy Award?
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
The Golden Compass
13. About which presenter did Jon Stewart say, "No, I cannot get her to sign anything for your kids."
Amy Adams
Jessica Alba
Miley Cyrus
Ellen Page
14. What award was given away live via satellite from Baghdad?
Best Documentary Short Subject
Best Documentary Feature
Best Actor
Best Cinematography
15. Which of the following was not a nationality of the winner of an acting Oscar?
16. Who ran across the stage after Stewart announced that someone had left their airplane lights on (don't worry, it's hybrid)?
George Clooney
Christian Bale
Leonardo DiCapprio
John Travolta
17. Red seemed to be the hot color of the evening. Which of the following was not wearing a red dress?
Katherine Heigl
Tilda Swinton
Helen Mirren
Ruby Dee
18. A number of people tripped or slipped on stage. Which actor presenter commented on this briefly after making his way to the podium?
Forest Whitaker
Colin Farrell
Jack Nicholson
Patrick Dempsey
19. During the performance of eventual Best Original song winner Falling Slowly, what items hung from the backdrop?
Hearts and doves
20. Which of the following was not included in the In Memoriam segment?
Jack Valenti
Brad Renfro
Ingmar Bergman
Heath Ledger
21. Best Actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis gave a quick kiss to which fellow nominee on his way to the stage?
Viggo Mortensen
Tommy Lee Jones
Johnny Depp
George Clooney
22. The Foreign Language Oscar went to a film from which country?
23. The winner of which Oscar noted that his father had also won an Academy Award 48 years ago?
Art Direction
Sound Mixing
24. Either Joel or Ethan Coen, accepting the Oscar for Directing, said: "we're very thankful to all of you out there for letting us continue to play in our corner of:"
The swimming pool
The gym
The funhouse
The sandbox
25. Honorary Oscar winner Robert Boyle is slightly older than Supporting Actress nominee Saorise Ronan. How old is he?
26. During the telecast, which company ran a vote-off to determine the winner of a homemade commercial contest?
27. Jon Stewart noted that the writer strike had forced the cancellation of which noted post-ceremony Oscar party?
Vanity Fair's
Elton John's
28. A deceased Afghan taxi driver named Dilawar was mentioned during the acceptance speech for which award?
Documentary Short
Documentary Feature
Animated Short
29. In the curiously-rendered CGI opening, who delivered the Oscars to the auditorium?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cary Grant
Forrest Gump
The Cloverfield Monster
30. Best Supporting Actor winner Javier ("Xavier" to Regis) Bardem delivered part of his acceptance speech in Spanish. The winner from which other category gave a speech at least in part in a language other than English?
Live Short
Documentary Feature
Costume Design

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