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How Well Do You Know: Katy Perry: Part of Me
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1. The movie opens as Katy's fans testify to her influence on them, as this song is played on violin:
Part of Me
Hot n Cold
Teenage Dream
The One That Got Away
2. The film documents, in part, Katy's tour which was titled:
Teenage Dreams
California Dreams
Part of Me
Waking Up in Vegas
3. Katy's first performance during the film is to this song:
Waking Up in Vegas
I Kissed a Girl
Teenage Dream
4. Assistant Tamara says the most difficulty she has with Katy is:
Getting Katy to appointments on time
Getting Katy to eat well
Waking Katy up in the morning
Having Katy go easy on her voice
5. The film introduces us to Katy's big sister who, among other things, takes care of all the meet-and-greets. Big sister's name is:
6. During a performance, a number of quick, how'd-they-do-that, on-stage costume changes takes place during this song:
Hot n Cold
Thinking of You
California Gurls
7. Katy presents her Grandmother with this piece of tour memorabilia:
A tour jacket
A ticket stub
One of her on-stage costumes
A hand-written set list
8. Katy's brother states this was the only movie she was allowed to watch as she was growing up:
Ghostbusters II
Sister Act 2
Sister Act
9. A pivotal moment in Katy's life came at age 13 when she asked for this instrument, which she still plays on-stage occasionally:
A harp
A guitar
A xylophone
A saxophone
10. Another transformative moment in Katy's life was hearing this pop song at a friend's house:
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Hit Me Baby One More Time
Where the Streets Have No Name
You Oughtta Know
11. During the tour, Katy's plan to manage her time with Russell is:
Tour for two weeks take three days off to spend with Russell
Have Russell come on the tour with her
See Russell only once every other month
Video chat with Russell ever day
12. Katy hooked up with this noted music producer, which helped her navigate the industry:
Mutt Lange
Daniel Lanois
Glen Ballard
13. Katy originally signed with music label _________ which largely stifled, her, so she ended up with _______________:
RCA / Sony
Columbia / Capitol
RCA / Def Jam
Imperial / Interscope
14. The performance of I Kissed a Girl was done in this striking fashion:
Spoken word
15. Katy discusses the beginning of her and Russell's relationship during a performance of:
Last Friday Night
Waking Up in Vegas
Part of Me
16. Katy brings fans from the audience to dance on stage during a cover of:
Dance with Somebody
Crazy Train
Genie in a Bottle
Always Be My Baby
17. Katy's motto of work hard, play hard during the tour includes a trip to:
A ski resort
The beach
A paint ball range
A water park
18. After a great deal of prompting, this person appears on-stage as Kathy Beth Terry during a performance of T.G.I.F.:
Katy's sister
Katy's assistant
One of the backup dancers
Katy herself
19. The first foreign country Katy visits during the film is this country, in which cats area apparently a big deal:
20. Katy talks about her increasing exhaustion during the tour during an appearance on this talk show:
Dr. Phil
The View
The Tonight Show
21. The toll the tour takes on Katy is apparent as she is barely able to summon the strength to appear on stage in front of the largest crowd of tour which takes place in:
22. Appearing at a charity concert, Katy performs this Beatles classic:
She Loves You
Hey Jude
A Day in the Life
Let It Be
23. As the film comes to a close, Katy's sister is undergoing this significant life change:
Like Katy, she is separating from her husband
She is undergoing surgery
She is having a baby
She is getting married
24. A group of school children perform sing this Katy Perry song at the end of the film:
Part of Me
Teenage Dream
25. At the end of the film, Grandma appraises Katy's concert as:
It was too short
It was loud
It was rather scandalous
It was fun

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