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How Well Do You Know: 2012: The Year in Celebrity Trainwrecks
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1. Let's start out with the trainwreck that all trainwrecks strive to be. Lindsay Lohan's big year included many hits (literally and figuratively).

Which of these did NOT happen in the world of LiLo in 2012?
arrested and charged with punching a woman in the face
claimed to be held against her will by her mother Dina
banned from the Chateau Marmont for not paying a $50k bill
tossed from the red carpet of The Avengers for being drunk
2. Citizen's Arrest, Part 1: Which Blade Runner cast member was placed under citizen's arrest after getting into a fracas at an Oscar after-party this past February?
Sean Young
Rutger Hauer
Darryl Hannah
Harrison Ford
3. Citizen's Arrest, Part 2 - Holiday Edition:

Quite the melee took place this past Thanksgiving at the home of a certain Oscar winner, when current boyfriend pummeled the ex-boyfriend and then placed the ex's bloody self under citizen's arrest until the police arrived. Who is this lucky lady?
Hilary Swank
Halle Berry
Kate Winslet
Charlize Theron
4. Let's get reacquainted with Lisa Robin Kelly, now famous for this amazingly, horrific DUI mug shot.

What 90s sitcom was she a supporting, recurring player on?
That 70s Show
Will & Grace
In Living Color
5. Not exactly a banner year for Mel Gibson. Which of these did NOT befall the once-mighty William Wallace?
lost half of his $850 million fortune in the divorce settlement
his stepmother filed a restraining order against him
had a public feud with writer Joe Eszterhas, who accused Mel of anti-Semitic comments and firing him unjustly
got a Las Vegas waitress pregnant and who is awaiting the birth of his ninth child
6. Outside of the Oogieloves, no one had a worse box office year than Taylor Kitsch.

While his personal life was under the radar, his professional bankability fell into a sinkhole, which was then sucked into a black hole. Which of these box office failures did not star Kitsch?
John Carter
7. Later in 2012, Rihanna, Kitsch's Battleship co-star, was involved in and possibly THE reason for another unfortunate incident: a bar brawl between the entourages of _____ and _____.
NAS / Diddy
Chris Brown / Drake
Drake / ‘lil Wayne
Travie McCoy / Russell Brand
8. Today's show was brought to you by the letters "N" and "O" in the word that Sesame Street puppeteer Kevin Clash ignored on several occasions, thus bringing many sexual harassment allegations his way.

Clash ultimately resigned from the show after decades of service, including the creation of what character?
Cookie Monster
9. Texas border town Sierra Blanca is the spot to avoid if you are on a tour bus and "MIGHT" have marijuana on board. Like Willie Nelson, two years earlier, this hip-hop star was arrested in said town for said offense.
Dr. Dre
50 Cent
10. While Claire Danes has gone onto awards glory with Showtime's Homeland, which of her co-stars didn't fare as well in 2012: Arrested for not paying an $84 taxi bill and being reported missing more than once?
Romeo + Juliet's John Leguizamo
Brokedown Palace's Bill Pullman
Terminator: Rise of the Machines' Nick Stahl
My So-Called Life's Jared Leto
By way of explanation.....
Incidentally, Stahl's first major role was in the Man without a Face, opposite...Mel Gibson.
11. Maybe 2012 was just a year of research in writing the perfect country song. That may explain why in two separate instances, _____ was arrested for public intoxication outside a church and crashing his car and threatening a Texas state trooper after being found naked on the roadside.
Randy Travis
George Strait
Hank William Jr.
George Jones
12. Rehab Round-up, Part 1: Thanks to a painkiller addiction-initiated rehab stint, this main star of a CBS show was notably absent for several episodes of this show last spring.
Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Laughlin
Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons
CSI: NY’s Gary Sinise
The Mentalist’s Simon Baker
13. Rehab Round-up, Part 2 - Speed Round: Which of these people did NOT check into rehab in 2012 for any reason (anxiety, drugs, alcohol, depression, etc.)?
Kelsey Grammer
Billie Joe Armstrong
Leeann Rimes
The Situation
14. Biting the Hand that Feeds You, Part 1: Which star of Community got into a very ugly, profane and public fight with the show’s creator/showrunner?
Joel McHale
Allison Brie
Donald Glover
Chevy Chase
15. Biting the Hand that Feeds You, Part 2: A co-star on this sitcom recorded videos branding the show "filth" and begging people to stop watching. Which show is this actor on?
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Two and a Half Men
The Neighbors
Anger Management
By way of explanation.....
Despite an apology, it's unclear if Angus T. Jones will be returning to Two and a Half Men next season.
16. Giving the trainwreck fantastic Lindsay Lohan a run for her money, Amanda Bynes had a big year in the judicial system. One of her legal transgressions was being arrested for DUI after swiping a ____ and then fleeing the scene.
school bus
police car
a cyclist
17. If the many, many allegations and lawsuits are to be believed, John Travolta has a propensity to sexually harass or proposition men of which profession, who he frequently employs?
massage therapists
18. Despite being in the one place that you wouldn’t think this behavior would be noticed, frequent Christopher Guest star ____ was arrested in an adult movie theater pleasuring himself.
A: Michael McKean
B: Fred Willard
C: Harry Shearer
D: Eugene Levy
19. Queen of the blank stare and the perpetual bored expression, Kristen Stewart admitted a dalliance with the married director of which of her movies?
On the Road
Twilight: New Moon
Snow White and the Huntsman
20. Which Brit became a one-man anti-Madonna propaganda machine this year by declaring her a "fairground stripper" and on the Golden Globes red carpet, predicting that her song had "no [bleeping] chance of winning."
Elton John
Ricky Gervais
Paul McCartney
By way of explanation.....
Sorry, Sir Elton, but she apparently did have a [bleeping] chance, since she actually won.
21. More DUI in the public eye. ALL of these people got a DUI in 2012 but which one actually scored TWO such offenses this year?
Sally Struthers
Michael Madsen
Matthew Fox
Bobby Brown
22. We were given a preview of a guaranteed inclusion in 2013's Trainwrecks quiz when immediate discord between Mariah Carey and _____ flared up during the taped auditions for the next season of American Idol.

"I told them, I'm not putting up with her f***ing highness over here. I'm not gonna sit here every f***ing minute to have you come down and harass me every minute every day."
Randy Jackson
Keith Urban
Nicki Minaj
Ryan Seacrest
23. This guy's 2012 ended up pretty nice by being an inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This honor must wash the bad taste of the early incident where he was arrested on felony assault with a deadly weapon charges for attacking a teenager with a knife. Who is it?
Rush's Geddy Lee
Public Enemy's Flava Flav
Quincy Jones
Randy Newman
24. You think you had a bad seven days from Oct. 5 to 12. You have nothing on Hulk Hogan. Which of these didn't occur in the world of Hogan this last October?
Footage is leaked of TWO sex tapes starring Hulk.
Ex-wife Linda is arrested for DUI.
Hulk admits to sleeping with the wife of his best friend (and radio DJ) during the nasty split with Linda.
Son Nick is denied parole because he is constantly fighting in prison.
25. It's the circle of life that we end where we began...with Lindsay Lohan.

As the year comes to a close, of course, Lindsay’s probation would be revoked. But what was the reason?
Lying to police following a car crash earlier this year.
Assaulting a make-up artist on the set of 'Liz & Dick'.
Traveling to Canada while following her new boyfriend One Direction's Harry Styles.
Filing a false police report against her father Michael.

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