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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 10: Where the Buggalo Roam
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Amy and her co-workers are visiting Amy’s parents for which event?
a Mars Day tailgate party
a Mars Day hoe-down
a Mars Day barbecue
a Mars Day hootenanny
Which hemisphere of Mars does the Wong family own?
the northern hemisphere
the southern hemisphere
the eastern hemisphere
the western hemisphere
Every part of the Martian buggalo can be used for something – meat, milk. What can their shells be used for making?
beach parasols
What is the name of Amy’s pet buggalo?
What is the name of the Wong ancestor who bought Mars from the Martian natives for one bead?
Sir Augustus Wong
Sir Hildebrand Wong
Sir Reginald Wong
Sir Marmaduke Wong
When Kif gets nervous, what part of his body can he not control?
his digestive system
his vomiting defence mechanism
his camouflage reflex
his bladders
The buggalo are rustled and Kif and the Planet Express crew go to get them back. Bender is telling scary campfire stories. “And even though the computer was off and unplugged, an image stayed on the screen. It was ... the Windows logo!” is scary if you are:
a webcam
a laser printer
an external hard drive
a laptop
Kif gets the rustled buggalo out of the Olympus Mons crater by exploding them out. He knew to do this, because he once attended a seminar on:
ejecting gophers from a golf bunker
ejecting rabbits from a burrow
ejecting chickens from a sand dune
ejecting cats from a sinkhole
Amy says that she is too rich to:
be spoilt
get a fair trial
be kidnapped
What is the entrance to the Martian reservation?
Valles Marineris
the Northern ice cap
Hellas Planitia
the Great Stone Face of Mars
The Martians say they will give back Amy when they get back the planet’s surface. Zapp Brannigan’s counter-offer is “How about you give us back the girl and...” what?
“we dress up as your people on Hallowe’en”
“we adopt you as Mars University’s lacrosse mascot”
“we carve a bunch of our Presidents into your sacred mountain”
“you whip up a fresh batch of that delicious Martian peyote chop chop”
Zapp says that his people are a people of law. And that law is what?
finders keepers
I call shotgun
no backsies
tag, you’re it
In Zapp’s opinion, which demographic seems pretty on the ball?
the prejudiced
Kif smokem peace pipe with the Martians. After he coughs and splutters, ensuring his death sentence, what does he say?
“Oh, monkey trumpets.”
“Oh, floppy disks.”
“Oh, sloppy joes.”
“Oh, fustercluck.”
At the end of the episode, what is Kif’s diary entry?
“Dear diary, today I had my first kiss with a woman!”
“Dear diary, I have so many emotions about my love for Amy. Fear, terror, dread, anxiety, panic...”
“Dear diary, I just made love for the second time!”
“Dear diary, at last I am a man!”

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