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How Well Do You Know: White Christmas
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I have a problem with question 21. Bob did not "record" the pitch. It was a live broadcast, hence the reason Phil had to take the leg injury. Betty was watching the broadcast live somewhere in the club she was performing at as the club owner and band director were there with her
Jpstuart99 9/19/16 2:22 pm


1. The music in the film is by:
Lerner & Lowe
Cole Porter
Rodgers & Hammerstein
Irving Berlin
2. The film opens with Bob and Phil in action during this war:
World War I
World War II
Korean War
Spanish-American War
3. Bob's rank in the Army is:
4. General Waverly delivers news to the troops. It seems that the General is:
Being promoted
Being shipped off to Japan
Being relieved of command
Voluntarily retiring
5. Bob and Phil find success Stateside after the war, producing a musical named:
Cat Fancy
One for the Boys
The Old Man
Playing Around
6. While in Florida, Bob auditions the sisters after receiving a letter purportedly from an old Army buddy, Freckle-Faced Haynes, the _________ boy.
"Yes sir"
7. Captivated by the sisters, Bob and Phil comment about the sisters's ___________ during Judy and Betty's performance:
8. While Bob and Betty get contentious, Phil and Judy hit it off, but Judy reveals that the sister are about to head to this New England state:
New Hampshire
9. The girls are in trouble with their landlord over damage to a:
10. The four make their way north from Florida on a:
Motor coach
11. The problem with Vermont is.....
It's too crowded
The roads are impassible
The state is dry (as in, no-alcohol dry)
There's no snow
12. In addition to General Waverly, we meet Emma the busybody housekeeper, and this member of the General's family:
His niece
His granddaughter
His daughter
His stepdaughter
13. So, what is the name of the inn that serves as the setting for the second half of the film, anyway?
Brookside Inn
Twin Forks Inn
Green State Inn
Columbia Inn
14. Bob and Betty finally kiss shortly after Bob's explanation of the connection between ___________ and dreams:
Soda pop
French fries
15. A conversation with Bob about ________ bookend the General's finding out he has been rejected for re-enlistment:
Fly fishing
Stamp collecting
Playing piano
16. What is the name of the variety show host that Bob contacts in order to get the Army company to Vermont?
Phil Everson
Richard Atkinson
Bill Stewart
Ed Harrison
17. Housekeeper Emma throws the proceedings into disarray when she overhears this word during Bob's conversation with the variety show host regarding the General's party:
18. Seeing Betty storm off after a disagreement with Bob, Judy believes her sister is in love, but is conflicted because:
Betty has had her heart broken too many times
Betty thinks Bob is after her money
Betty thinks Bob will re-enlist in the Army
Betty won't let herself get involved until Judy gets engaged
19. Phil announces his "engagement" to Judy during:
A dress rehearsal
A cast party
A long walk along the river
Bob's pitch to the Army unit
20. With things apparently at an impasse with Bob, Betty heads off to take a job in:
New York City
Washington, DC
21. To distract the General during Bob's pitch, Phil fakes injury by:
Putting his arm through a window
Closing a piano on his hand
Falling down stairs
Slipping on ice while skating
22. Betty finally realizes she's got it all wrong about Bob:
When she sees Bob record the pitch
When Bob explains everything on the train back to Vermont
When she receives a telegraph from Judy
When she receives a phone call from the General
23. Emma and Susan trick the General into wearing his uniform for the program by:
Telling him he's been accepted back into the Army
Telling him he has an interview for a magazine
Sending all his suits to the cleaners so he has nothing else to wear
Telling him there's a raccoon in his closet
24. Which of the following songs is performed first in the film?
Gee, I Wish I Was Back in the Army
White Christmas
Count Your Blessings
By way of explanation.....
White Christmas is actually the first and last song in the film
25. Did you catch this? As noted in the company credits at the beginning of the film, White Christmas was the first movie to be filmed with this new process by Paramount:

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