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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 09: The Cyber House Rules
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What is the name of the institution where Leela grew up?
Crazy Herman’s Discount Orphanagerie
Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium
New Bedford-Stuyvesant Petting Orphanage
Abner Doubledeal’s Travelling Orphanage and Circus
All the other kids made fun of Leela, including Kirk who is:
Get a load of this average looking guy. What’s his name?
Adlai Atkins
Avery Allen
Alton Andrews
Andrew Adams
The chairman of the Orphanarium suggests that Fry might like to adopt a child. What’s his main selling point for adoption?
those hors d’oeuvres aren’t free, you know
it’s a great way to have a kid without having sex
it doesn’t matter if you’re completely unprepared to be a parent
the orphans that aren’t bought within a year are gassed
After his visit to the Orphanarium, how many government stipends does Bender have to collect?
Bender’s children are asking for food, but they can’t have Bender burgers again because:
Uncle Zoidberg has already been through the dumpster
there wasn’t enough roadkill today, damn hover-cars!
the homeless kitchen only has burgers on Saturdays
the cat shelter is on to Bender
For his date with Leela, Adlai takes her somewhere ordinary, a place no one could object to. Where?
the Museum of Natural History
miniature golf
an arboretum
a 1990s theme restaurant
Fry doesn’t think it’s wonderful that Leela is normal. The rest of them aren’t normal, and that’s what makes them great. What is not one of his examples?
Dr Zoidberg’s a weird monster who smells like he eats garbage and does
the Professor’s a senile, amoral crackpot
Bender’s a kleptomaniac, dipsomaniac, nymphomaniac robot
Hermes is a Rastafarian accountant
What is the orphans’ favourite bedtime story?
Bender’s Arrest Record
Bender and the Hooker-bot
Bender’s Taxicab Confessions
Fry’s Diary
What was Bender arrested for shoplifting?
a fur coat
a watch
assorted bling
Leela and Adlai are doing a jigsaw puzzle that makes Aslai want to have children all the more. What is the picture on the puzzle?
a pacifier factory
a baby food dispenser
a cloning laboratory
the miracle of reproduction
Bender is trying to off-load the orphans, by selling them to who?
Forced Labor Recruitment
the Imperial Dragon restaurant
Central Park Zoo
the Fox network
Bender is arrested for all of the following:
child endangerment
depriving children of food
non-payment of tax on income from child labor
misrepresenting the weight of livestock
Leela wants to adopt Sally, who has:
an ear on her forehead
gills on her nack
a nose on her hand
three arms
The orphans have drawn a picture of Daddy Bender, but there’s a mistake:
Bender’s muscles aren’t big enough
no jail’s strong enough to hold Daddy Bender, baby!
you can’t get Hooker-bots like that without flashing wads of cash
Bender smokes a cigar, not a candy cane

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