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How Well Do You Know: In the Line of Fire
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1. Through an incident in his past, Frank Horrigan was most closely associated with which president?
2. In the opening of the film, Horrigan and his partner Al break up which kind of illicit operation?
A drug ring
A terrorist cell
Video piracy
3. Say, speaking of Al, what the heck is the name of the actor who plays Frank's partner in the film?
Dermot Mulroney
Dylan McDermott
Dylan Baker
Either Bill Paxton or Bill Pullman
4. Booth/Leary first comes to Horrigan's attention using what surname?
5. One of the first bits of intel Horrigan has on Leary is what type of magazine?
Model building
Computer software
Cat lovers
6. One of the other Secret Service agents owed Frank some money. Why?
Frank had once babysat the agent's kids
The two had placed a bet on the Super Bowl
Frank had once the other agent's bar tab
Frank had bought some Girl Scout cookies from the agent's daughter
7. Horrigan and Lilly Raines share an ice cream at what Washington, DC landmark?
The Capitol
The Lincoln Memorial
The Kennedy Center
Union Station
8. To what does Horrigan refer as "window dressing?"
Female Secret Service agents
The presidential primary system
Income tax
The institution of marriage
9. Leary murders a bank teller. Why?
She had a recording of his voice
She had a copy of his fingerprints
She was from the same home town as Leary claimed to be from
She saw Leary carrying a picture of the president with a bullseye drawn on it
10. What actor-turned politician plays the President's Chief of Staff?
Jesse Ventura
Fred Grandy
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fred Thompson
11. The Secret Service was finally able to establish Leary's identity because of fingerprints from:
A bar glass
The hood of a car
The handle of a gun
An old photograph of Horrigan
12. As far as we can tell, the President is never given a name in the film. He is, however, referred to several times by this Secret Service code-word:
13. Horrigan is shown several times throughout the film playing this instrument:
14. Lilly and Horrigan's big romantic encounter is interrupted when a phone call summons them back to work. Which line of Horrigan's ends the scene?
Oh, what might have been
They're just not paying me enough for this
This had better damned well be worth it
Damn, I gotta put all that sh!t back on
15. Frank loses credibility with the secret service when, during a campaign stop, he mistakes what for gunfire?
A marching band drum
A balloon bursting
A car backfiring
Camera flash bulbs going off
16. Meeting with a CIA agent, Horrigan learns that Leary used to be a government-trained assassin. What term was used for Leary's line of work?
17. After showing them the gun he had made, Leary kills two men that he met. The two men were:
Airplane pilots
18. At the end of a long chase, Leary shot Al dead. Al and Horrigan had chased Leary:
Through subway tunnels
Across rooftops
Down a series of alleys
Across an airport tarmac
19. Leary makes the attempt on the President's life in which city?
New York
Washington, DC
Los Angeles
20. For his assassination attempt, Leary was able to get close to the President because:
He posed as a waiter
He posed as a reporter
He had paid a good deal of money to the reelection campaign
He bribed a Secret Service agent
21. Leary was able to smuggle the bullets for his gun inside:
A rabbit's foot
His shoe
His hearing aid
A tin of mints
22. Which word was key to Horrigan to track down Leary at the presidential dinner?
23. Taken hostage by Leary in the elevator, Horrigan provides what instructions to Lilly as to how to shoot Leary?
Act before it's too late
Aim high
Count to three then fire
Wait for the light
24. Who ultimately kills Leary?
Leary himself
A Secret Service sniper
25. Clint Eastwood wore which hats for the film?
Acted only
Acted and directed
Acted, wrote and directed
Acted, scored, wrote and directed

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