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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 07: The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
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What planet was one day’s brain flight from Earth?
Rodimus Prime
Eucalyptus 4
Tweenis 12
Ben Folds 5
Madison Cube Gardens is holding a Champion Pet Show today. Whose death mask is on exhibit?
the Taco Bell Chihuahua’s
Toucan Sam’s
What is Nibbler’s real competition in the pet show?
the Line-dancing Snail
Dave Spiegel, and his owner Fluffles
the Hypnotoad
There is also a late entry for the pet show. Bender’s:
invertebrate whining spaniel
hard-shelled whooping terrier
slobbering fish hound
lobsterman pinscher
Leela goes looking for Nibbler, only to see him wheeling out a spaceship and taking off to another planet. What is she carrying at the time?
uncooked strips of fatty bacon
a raw, dripping ham
a bowl of corned beef hash
a live guinea pig
Giant brains arrive on earth and turn everyone stupid. What letter does Morbo forget how to say?
Fry realises what’s going on here. His friends have all become idiots! What does Bender suggest they all do?
buy stuff on eBay
call all their friends from the movie theater
join the Reform Party
steal chickens
When the universe was formed in the crucible of the Big Bang, how old were the Nibblonians?
13 years
14 years
17 years
19 years
Fry is immune from the giant brains because he doesn’t have a:
delta brain wave
theta brain wave
sigma brain wave
omega brain wave
What was Leela’s prom dress made from?
soiled curtains
carpet remains
upholstery swatches
tea towel scraps
Which Earthican inventor is a fool who has played right into the brains’ hands?
George Stibitz, inventor of the digital computer
Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of mechanical moving type printing
Herman Hollerith, inventor of punched card data processing
Melvil Dewey, inventor of the Dewey decimal system
Fry discovers that when he thinks, it hurts the big brains. He has to find something to make him think, but Hardy Boys is too easy. What is too hard?
Nancy Drew
Trixie Belden
Encyclopedia Brown
Scooby-Doo Comics
Each book in the library is a gateway to a mental realm, in which the big brain plans to trap Fry forever. What book does the big brain not try to trap Fry in?
Moby Dick
The Great Gatsby
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Pride and Prejudice
What is the name of the book in which Fry traps the big brain?
Fry Tricks The Brain
Fry Save Urth
Fry Rite A Book
Fry Smart Brain Dum
In Fry’s book, why does the big brain decide to leave Earth?
to destroy other plants
to have big brain party
because it feel like
for no raisin

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