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How Well Do You Know: Red Dawn (1984)
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25/25.... not bad!!!! i love this movie so much it drives my family crazy.... not too sure about the remake.
twilight ent 11/17/12 5:01 pm

100% and its been at least 20 years since I saw it last so my memory has not left me yet. Saw the remake today and liked it alot, several small changes from the older version but I would give it an 8 out of 10.
Monk99 11/21/12 5:24 pm


1. Seriously, do we even have to ask this? The name the heroes of the movie adopts, which was also their high school mascot, is:
2. Seriously, if you did not answer Wolverines in the first question for this quiz, stop right now.

All good, then?

The film's opening states that this development has weakened the US:
The American financial system collapses
The US has disarmed all of its nukes
American naval power has been defeated
NATO dissolves
3. The state in which the action takes place is:
4. Prior to things going all to hell, we get a good glimpse of a statue in town. Which famous American is depicted?
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Alexander Hamilton
Teddy Roosevelt
5. Paratroopers land on the high school grounds during this class (the teacher is the first civilian killed in the film):
Health ed
6. Among the Wolverines is Arturo, who also bears an animal nickname:
7. C. Thomas Howell plays Robert in the film. Robert's dad works in this type of store, which is handy, since the Wolverines stock up here as they flee to the mountains:
Sporting goods
Army surplus
8. Robert kills his first deer. To mark the occasion, Jed (Patrick Swayze) and Matt (Charlie Sheen) make him:
Skin it
Eat its meat raw
Wear its fur
Drink its blood
9. Sneaking back into town for the first time, Jed and Matt learn their father:
Is being held in a reeducation camp
Is a collaborator
Has been killed
Has escaped
10. As parting words with his sons, Jed and Matt's father says:
Avenge me
Remember me
Don't worry about me
Honor me
11. The Wolverines learn that the entire country is not held - the part that isn't controlled by the invasion is described as:
Red America
Free America
Blue America
Rising America
12. The Wolverines add to their number two girls, Toni (Jennifer Grey) and Erica (Lea Thompson). How do they meet the females?
They meet the girls wandering in the wilderness
The girls' grandparents ask the Wolverines to take them on
The meet the girls while each party is conducting a raid in the town
They free the girls from the reeducation camp
13. The first encounter in the mountains between the Wolverines and the invading army comes after the soldiers come across this item:
An arrow
An apple core
A sweatshirt
A machine gun
14. Which member of the town, also a relative of one of the Wolverines, is a dirty rotten collaborator?
The school principal
The mayor
The police chief
The school janitor
15. The invading soldiers largely speak either Russian or this other language during the film:
16. The film's signature Wolverines-pop-up-from-the-ground-ambush takes place following:
A tank being bombed
The invaders' headquarters being bombed
Citizens being freed from the reeducation camp
The Wolverines killing the commanding officer
17. As retaliation for the Wolverines' continued attacks, the invaders:
Shell the mountains
Raze a different section of the town
Confine the townspeople to hard labor camps
Execute groups of citizens
18. The group meets and is aided by military man Andy Tanner. What is Andy's rank, anyway?
Lieutenant colonel
19. Two of the Wolverines, including Andy, are killed during a battle featuring primarily:
Horse-mounted soldiers
20. The bad guys are able to get a fix on the Wolverines' position because Daryl has been outfitted with a tracker. How did he come to have the tracker?
It was surgically implanted
He willingly hid it in his boot
He was forced to swallow it
He was unknowingly tagged with it during a raid
21. Who shoots Daryl for his malfeasance?
22. A brief moment of respite follows after the Wolverines scavenges _________ that was dropped on a highway:
Comic books
23. Toni and Robert are killed during a surprise attack by:
Horse-mounted soldiers
24. The film suggests that Matt and Jed die:
In the mountains
In a park
In their school
In their home
25. The film ends with a shot of Partisan Rock, which bears the inscription:
"In the early days of World War III, guerrillas - mostly ____________ - placed the names of their lost upon this rock. They fought here alone and gave up their lives, so that this nation shall not perish from the earth."
Freedom-loving freedom fighters
Ordinary civilians

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