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How Well Do You Know: The Neighbors, Season 1 Recap Part 1
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1. "Pilot": The Zabvronians have settled in the Hidden Hills community, which is located in this US state:
New Jersey
2. "Pilot": If Dick Butkus recharges the poo-pod, he will be flung through time and be raised by:
His older self
His grandchildren
The Weavers' forefathers
Reggie Jackson's older self
3. "Pilot": Who destroys the poo-pod?
Reggie Jackson
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Larry Bird
Dick Butkus
4. "Journey to the Center of the Mall": During one of their question and answer sessions with the Weavers, Larry and Jackie are taken aback when this film director is brought up ("How do they know about __________!?"):
Steven Spielberg
Michael Bay
Martin Scorsese
5. "Journey to the Center of the Mall": It is decided that Reggie Jackson and Dick Butkus will attend public school, though they will need new clothes, since their golf clothes make them look like:
6. "Things Just Got Real": Marty observes that the entire community displays a strong reaction any time Larry Bird experiences:
7. "Things Just Got Real": So that his mother might fit in with other humans, Reggie Jackson teaches Jackie lessons culled from watching this TV franchise:
Jersey Shore
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Hell's Kitchen
Real Housewives
8. "Bathroom Etiquette": Zabvronians educate their children by:
Sitting them in front of a not-plugged-in television
Feeding them the brains of their elders
Giving them spoiled milk
Playing 1950s radio programs
9. "Bathroom Etiquette": What do the Zabvronians use their bathrooms for?
Cloning themselves
Growing plants
Practicing various recreational activities
10. "Bathroom Etiquette": To boost her image at school, Reggie Jackson shout allegations of infidelity at Amber, suggesting she has had a tryst with:
Alan Alda
Dick van Dyke
David Letterman
Tom Selleck
11. "Halloween-ween": Marty plans a buddy costume with his son. This film serves as the inspiration:
Finding Nemo
The Princess and the Frog
Beauty and the Beast
Monsters Inc
12. "Halloween-ween": Meanwhile, Amber somewhat undermines Debbie's plan for a _________-themed costume:
Disney princess
United Nations
13. "Halloween-ween": As the rest of the Zabvronians exchange candy during their practice trick-or-treat, Mary Lou Retton:
Attempts to escape over the neighborhood gate
Sheds her human skin
Engages one of her fellow Zabvronians amorously
Frolics nakedly in the street
14. "Halloween-ween": Dick Butkus goes as Debbie Weaver, but has a puppet of:
Larry Bird
Dick Butkus
15. "Larry Bird and the Iron Throne": "Apparently they're giving her a _________ cake." "Clearly they've never tasted ________ before."
16. "Larry Bird and the Iron Throne": Among the mysteries of the universe revealed on the tile Reggie Jackson presents to Amber is:
Who invented the platypus
Why cats are antisocial
Why Los Angeles doesn't have pro football team
Who killed Kennedy
17. "Larry Bird and the Iron Throne": Jackie Joyner-Kersee is supposed to get a Rapunzel for the party. Instead, she gets a:
Darth Vader
Big Bird
Bill Clinton
18. "50 Shades of Green": One unusual indicator that the Zabvronian mating season is that:
Gravity is reversed
The power goes out
The ground shakes
It's constantly dark outside
19. "50 Shades of Green": At the end of a Zabvronian sex ed film, Marty accidentally overhears Phase One of the Zabvronian Earth invasion plan. Phase One is:
Fatten up the humans
Align with the sharks
Raise pro athlete salaries to ridiculous levels
Kill all the bees
20. "Thanksgiving Is for the Bird-Kersees:" It became rather clear that Jackie's sisters wanted to overthrow Larry Bird when they:
Threw him out a window
Ran over him with a golf cart
Drowned him in a lake
Served him poisoned meat loaf
21. "Thanksgiving Is for the Bird-Kersees": As Thanksgiving devolves into a feast of self-loathing and gluttony with a side of shame, who tells Marty's mother, "Change the game."?
Reggie Jackson
Dick Butkus
Larry Bird
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
22. "Merry Crap-mas": When the Weavers come downstairs Christmas morning, this type of animal runs through the living room as Dick Butkus-as-Tiny Tim collapses:
A beagle
A pig
A zebra
A penguin
23. "Merry Crap-mas": This is the first member of the Larry Bird household to open one of the Weavers' Christmas presents:
Dick Butkus
Reggie Jackson
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Larry Bird himself
24. "Juan of the Dead": The last thing that Juan sees is:
Larry disciplining Reggie Jackson
Debbie Weaver sunbathing topless
Max stealing his golf cart
Jackie stripped down to what she was born with
25. "Juan of the Dead": The Zabvronians show up for Juan's funeral dressed in:
Aloha shirts
Kiss the Cook aprons
Priestly garb
Clown outfits

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