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How Well Do You Know: Pretty Woman
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Careful, darling. It took me 25 games of skeeball to win this

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1. What is Vivian's last name?
2. A veteran of which classic TV comedy series co-stars as Edward's oily lawyer Philip Stuckey?
Will and Grace
3. What was the name of Kit and Vivian's pimp?
They didn't have one
4. The car Richard drives in the beginning of the film corners:
Like greased lightning
Like an Audi
Like it was at the Autobahn
Like it's on rails
5. Barney Thompson manages the hotel at which Edward stays. Which is it?
The Park Addington Towers
The Regent Beverly Wilshire
The North Hollywood Inn
The Avalon
6. Edward discloses to Vivian early in the film that he is afraid of:
7. Richard interrupts Vivian in the bathroom and thinks she is doing drugs. What is she actually doing?
Doing drugs
Getting ready to floss her teeth
Selecting a condom from her purse
Trying to call Kit
8. What TV show is playing when Vivian and Edward first get busy in his hotel room?
Leave It to Beaver
The Honeymooners
I Love Lucy
9. Vivian only got to eleventh grade. How far did Richard get in school?
Dropped out after junior year in college
Four masters and a PhD
Two doctorates
'All the way'
10. At what price does Vivian agree to be Richard's "beck and call girl" for the week?
11. What is the relationship of the two men named Morse whose company Edward targeted?
Father and Son
Grandfather and grandson
12. Because Edward is a "very special customer," Barney allows Vivian to explain that she is Edward's:
College roommate
Girlfriend from out of town
Business associate
13. What will Vivian not allow Edward to do, until the end of the movie?
Call her by her first name
Kiss her on the mouth
Tickle her
Pay her
14. What faux pas does Vivian commit at her dinner with Edward and the Morses?
Breaks her champagne glass by tapping it with her spoon too hard
Flings her escargot across the room
Sips her soup straight from her bowl
Calls Edward "Eddie"
15. What comedic actor plays the employee in the store where Edward takes Vivian dress shopping?
Larry Miller
Richard Jeni
Richard Belzer
Louie Anderson
16. After her shopping spree, Vivian waits for Edward in his hotel room, wearing only:
A bathrobe
A tuxedo shirt
A smile
A tie
17. To what highbrow sporting event does Edward take Vivian?
A yacht race
A polo match
A crew regatta
A cricket match
18. What color dress does Vivian wear to the opera?
19. Richard says of people who don't love opera the first time they see it: "they may learn to appreciate it, but:"
They'll probably still fall asleep during it
They will never be able to get by without the libretto
It will never become part of their soul
They'll always be waiting for the sword-and-magic-helmet number
20. Which of the following songs is not featured in the film?
King of Wishful Thinking by Go West
Maniac by Michael Sembello
It Must Have Been Love by Roxette
Real Wild Child by Johnny O'Keefe
21. Near the end of the film, Edward punches Phil. What did Phil do to Vivian to incur Edward's wrath?
Tried to sell her drugs
Got physical with her and slapped her
Called her a cheap slut
Stole money from her
22. Vivian left Edward at his hotel at the end of the film. Still, he was able to track her down at her apartment. How?
She had given him her address
He got a ride from Darryl, the hotel's chauffer, had taken Vivian home
He paid a neighborhood drug dealer $50 to point out her apartment
She left her pocketbook in the room
23. "So, what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her?"
They live happily ever after
She resuces him right back
The impossible dream comes true
There were fewer tricks to turn from that point on
24. Who associated with the film received an Oscar nomination?
Julia Roberts
Richard Gere
Hector Elizondo
Garry Marshall
25. If you're really sharp, you noticed a cameo in the film by the director. Garry Marshall made a brief appearance as:
An airplane pilot
A movie director
A homeless man
A police detective

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