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How Well Do You Know: The Avengers: Quotes
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Perhaps I am a puny god.

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1. "Where's agent Barton?"
"The hawk? Up in his nest."
"The nest. He does all his best brooding there."
"Shooting things, I'm sure."
"Wherever agent Romanoff is."
2. "The Cube is a doorway to the other end of space, right?"
"Doors open from both sides..."
"Lock this door and throw away the key."
"Space aliens and humans are always best friends, right?"
"We close the door and the knocking stops."
3. "Your outdated information betrays you. The famous Black Widow is just another pretty face."
"In a great outfit. Don't undersell me."
"Information is a conduit to the soul."
"You are just an unbathed henchman in a hot basement."
"You really think I’m pretty?"
4. "Trying to get me back in the world?"
"Captain America should be on American soil."
"I want to introduce you to a strange billionaire."
"The world misses you."
"Trying to save it."
5. "At this point, I doubt anything would surprise me."
"Cynicism doesn't suit you, Mr. Rogers."
"Have you ever seen a not so little green man?"
"Remember you said that when you meet the Scandinavian."
"Ten bucks says you’re wrong."
6. "You know, I thought we were having a moment."
"I was having twelve percent of a moment."
"Men never know these things."
"We were but then you started talking..."
"Why would you possibly think that? Was it the lingerie?"
7. "It was quite the buzz around here, finding you in the ice. Thought Coulson was gonna swoon."
"Did he ask you to sign his Captain America trading cards yet?"
"I wish I could make a woman feel that way."
"Is Coulson the one with the eye patch?"
"That's a quick way to get a dishonorable discharge."
8. "These guys come from legend. They’re basically Gods."
"I'm a lowly Captain and I still think I can take him."
"People said the same thing about a certain German and we all know how that turned out."
"That God looks like a bleeder."
"There’s only one God ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that."
9. "I don’t think we should be focusing on Loki."
"Hawkeye is the true threat"
"Hulk is the true threat"
"That guy’s brain is a bag full of cats"
"Thor will keep him in check"
10. "That man..."
"is green?"
"is playing Galaga!"
"is wearing a horny helmet!"
"is a woman!"
By way of explanation.....
Fun fact: The Avengers Lego set recreates this scene straight down to the crewman playing a videogame
11. "It’s good to meet you, Doctor Banner. Your work on anti-electronic collisions is unparalleled."
"And I’m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster."
"and your hair is magnificent! Do you use conditioner?"
"but I've been wondering. Does...all of you grow larger and greener?"
"Plus, I get injured a lot so it's nice to have a doctor around."
12. "You think Fury’s hiding something?"
"He’s a spy. Captain, he’s THE spy. His secrets have secrets."
"I bet his other eye works fine. He's just eccentric enough to wear a patch for kicks."
"Nick Fury lies more by breakfast than all my lawyers lie in an entire day."
"Stark, compared to you, he's a paragon of honesty."
13. "When he screams, I’ll split his skull! This is my bargain..."
"as the no-longer Odinson."
"this is your deal with the devil."
"very generous terms because you're such a pretty lady."
"you mewling quim."
By way of explanation.....
I love how proud Joss Whedon is of getting the words "mewling quim" in the movie.
14. "Yeah, big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you?"
"Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist."
"Hero who saved thousands in the Middle East."
"Naked, cold and a high risk candidate for heart failure."
"Nestled in the goodness of Mama Stark's love."
15. "I got low. I didn’t see an end so I put a bullet in my mouth and..."
"all I got for my trouble was a visit from the Tooth Fairy."
"tried to pull the trigger. My inner green man wouldn't let me."
"the other guy spit it out."
"tried to end it. I almost choked to death on the bullet."
By way of explanation.....
In case you were wondering, Hulk spits rather than swallows.
16. "I need you to get to that engine control panel and tell me which relays are in overload position. What's it look like in there?"
"An inescapable maze."
"It seems to run on some form of electricity."
"My brain with a lot more dimples."
"Wire City."
17. "Your heroes are scattered, your floating fortress falls from the sky. Where is my disadvantage?"
"We have a Hulk."
"We have an Iron Man."
"We have a better God."
"You lack conviction."
By way of explanation.....
Poor doomed Agent Coulson
18. "Why am I back? How did you get him out?"
"Cognitive recalibration..."
"Hulk brained you."
"I hit you really hard in the head."
"I kissed you. Don't tell your wife. Or think about me in the shower later."
"Thor's hammer packs a wallop."
19. "Those cards, they were in Coulson’s locker, not in his jacket."
"His jacket was in his locker. As far anybody knows."
"I lied. It's all I do."
"I will deport you to Latveria if you ever tell anybody."
"They needed the push."
20. "Please tell me you’re going to appeal to my humanity."
"Actually, I’m planning to threaten you."
"There is no humanity in the icy heart of a Frost Giant."
"We both know you're not human."
"You should give up now while you still get to keep that stupid helmet."
21. "I have an army."
"That army hates your guts. It helps to know you."
"We have a crazy lady in a cat suit."
"We have a Hulk."
"We have a true Asgardian. And aren't you the jealous brother cliche?"
22. "Just like Budapest all over again!"
"Didn't I die in Budapest?"
"That was the last Black Widow. And she died that time."
"When do we get to sing Happy Birthday to the bad guy this time?"
"You and I remember Budapest very differently."
23. "That’s my secret, Cap."
"The Hulk is my only friend."
"I'm always angry."
"My costume is Bruce Banner, not The Hulk."
"Without the gamma radiation, I'm nobody."
24. "All right, Hey. All right. Good job, guys. Let’s just not come in tomorrow. Let’s just take a day."
"Government superhero holiday."
"Paid vacation."
"We will all meet at the hospital and have various surgeries performed."
"You ever tried shawarma?"
By way of explanation.....
25. "Enough! You are, all of you, beneath me. I am a God, dull creature, and I will not be bullied by..."
You know what this answer is...
In fact, let's all get ready to say it together.
Say it? Hell no. Let's SHOUT it!
*wham* *wham* *wham* PUNY GOD!!!
By way of explanation.....
This is far and away the best movie moment of 2012.

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