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How Well Do You Know: There's Something About Mary
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1. The opening of the film is set in what Eastern US state?
Rhode Island
2. Ted's prom tux was:
3. Warren doesn't like to be touched on a particular part of his body. Ted finds this out the hard way and receives a pummeling. Warren freaks out if someone tries to touch his:
4. Ted's zipper tragedy occurs after he is caught inadvertently watching Mary change. What objects had been obscuring his view, but moved to reveal Mary undressed?
A moving van
A window blind
5. According to Ted's therapist, what are "homosexual hangouts?"
Fitness club locker rooms
Basketball courts
Highway rest areas
High-end supermarkets
6. Pat Healy travelled to this state to track Mary down for Ted:
7. What is the name of Mary's severely over-tanned neighbor?
8. Pat Healy overhears Mary saying that her ideal man would have a professions such as this, so he poses as one:
An airline pilot
An architect
A veterinarian
A psychologist
9. Returning from tracking down Mary, Pat tells Ted a number of lies concerning Mary. Which of the following is not among them?
She was overweight
She had several kids
She was wanted for murder
She was in a wheelchair
10. Ted learns from his chiropractor that Pat has lied about Mary, revealing that she is still a fox, and has this job:
Marine biologist
Orthopedic surgeon
11. To help him win over Mary, Pat drugs a dog and, attempting to revive it, sets it on fire. What was the name of the poor little pooch?
12. Driving down to see Mary, Ted picked up a hitchhiker, whose idea was to improve on which fitness product?
Eight Minute Abs
The Gazelle
The Thighmaster
The Richard Simmons Workout
13. Coinciding with Ted learning about Mary's actual status, Ted's friend Dom starts exhibiting what nervous manifestation?
Facial tic
Loss of bladder control
14. Ted was put through the ringer by state troopers who mistakenly thought Ted was guilty of:
Robbing banks
Holding up a convenience store
Murdering a hitchhiker
Being a terrorist
15. When Tucker tells Mary that he doubts Pat is an architect, Pat changes his story, saying that he actually has this profession:
Elementary school teacher
Film critic
Systems analyst
Peace Corps worker
16. Setting up the infamous "hair gel" scene, Dom tells Ted he should do what before his date with Mary:
Shower thoroughly
Stock up on breath mints
Go buy her flowers
17. Tucker is revealed to also be lying about being an architect. What is his actual job?
Newspaper reporter
Pizza delivery boy
Movie theater snack counter attendant
Hotel concierge
18. Mary considers this film to be "one of the greatest love stories of our time:"
Harold and Maude
The Princess Bride
True Romance
Beauty and the Beast
19. Returning from their date, Mary and Ted find an over-energized Magda vacuuming her apartment. Why did she have so much energy?
She had be inadvertenly drugged by Pat and Tucker
She just had sex
She had just done a line of coke
Her soap opera had a particularly intriguing story line
20. The minstrel-type musicians who appear throughout the film play which instruments?
Triangle and banjo
Ukulele and trumpet
Guitar and drums
Sax and fiddle
21. Tucker reveals that he sabotaged Mary's relationship with an earlier boyfriend. That boyfriend turned out to be which professional athlete?
Joe Montana
Brett Farve
Michael Jordan
John Elway
22. Prior to their breakup, Woogie had stolen Mary's:
Doll collection
23. In addition to getting bitten in the crotch by a crazed dog, what other physical trauma did Ted suffer?
His back was broken after being hit with a baseball bat
A nail went through his hand
A fish hook caught his lip
He was stung by hornets
24. Each of these songs were featured in the film. Which played over the closing credits?
Mary's Prayer
Build Me Up Buttercup
Is She Really Going Out With Him?
History Repeating
25. Throughout the film, Mary is shown commiserating with a group of her friends. Which comedienne plays one of Mary's cohorts?
Wanda Sykes
Paula Poundstone
Sarah Silverman
Kathy Griffin

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