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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 06: Our Mrs. Reynolds
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And if she isn't as sweet as she looks, may some horrible death befall my husband

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1. Which of the following does the bandit not demand of the waggoners:
Every damn thing else on that boat
One-on-one time with the missus
Pretty floral bonnet
What's due us
2. Why wasn't Zoe in the dress?
If anyone wears a dress in that family, it's Wash
She gets wagon sickness
Tactics, woman!
They tried, but she got to her gun too fast
3. What do the townfolk give Jayne?
A boomstick
A rainstick
A stocking hat
4. What do Mal and his new bride have in common?
Both of them are excited to celebrate the honeymoon
They agree Jayne has bad manners
They're both left handed
They're the only ones who don't think it's funny
5. "Someone ever tries to kill you..."
Run and hide. Bravado gets people killed.
They're probably not your friend.
Turn the other cheek.
You try to kill them right back.
6. Who does not reside in the very special level of Hell?
Captains with a penchant for buggery
Child molesters
People like Mal who take advantage
People who talk at the theater
7. How does Zoe describe Our Mrs. Reynolds?
The bad kind of ginger
Evil bitch
Nubile little slave girl
Unstable even in comparison to Reavers or River
8. What does Our Mrs. Reynolds offer to do with Mal once he is finished with supper?
It's illegal in 48 states as well as the Alliance, that's all we'll say
Massage away his misery
Wash his feet
You know that Avril Lavigne song, Happy Ending?...
9. What is Inara's specialty?
Washing feet
You know that Rolling Stones album, Sticky Fingers?...
This quiz is getting away from us, isn't it?
10. What does Jayne offer to Mal in exchange for Mrs. Reynolds?
His bunk
Two full months without smart mouth
11. Wash spent six full weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was:
Beagle rustling
Juggling Geese
12. Who doesn't Saffron hit on during her time on Serenity?
Shepherd Book
13. Saffron poisons two people. Which one does she simply beat up?
14. How does Inara get poisoned?
Gas in her shuttle
Kisses Mal
Kisses Saffron
She drinks Saffron's tea
15. "What's your real name?"...
You'd only have lied anyhow

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