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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Beyond Blunderdome
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The opening set-up for the episode involves Homer trying out:
a sofa
an electric car
a new kind of ham
Homer and Marge go to a test-screening of Mel Gibson’s latest movie, which is a remake of:
Mr Deeds Goes To Town
It’s a Wonderful Life
Mr Smith Goes To Washington
It Happened One Night
Mel Gibson has a problem. People love him so much, they never criticise him! One example of this is:
if he doesn’t pay his taxes, the IRS pays them for him
librarians don’t let him return books – they tell him to keep them
if he parks downtown and runs over time, the parking attendant feeds the meter
when he goes out to restaurants, waiters tip him
Mel Gibson drives the Simpsons to Polystar Pictures. In what type of car?
Ford Windstar
Honda Odyssey
Dodge Caravan
Oldsmobile Silhouette
While Homer hangs out with Mel, the rest of the Simpsons go on a Hollywood tour, where they see:
the spot Kelsey Grammer filmed Down Periscope
the spot Mickey Rourke filmed Wild Orchid
the spot Steven Seagal filmed On Deadly Ground
the spot Hugh Grant filmed Nine Months
Homer pitches several movie improvement ideas to Mel, including all of the following except:
running scenes in fast motion
a musical montage where Mel wears funny hats
replacing the villain with a dog
hilarious sound effects, like “awooga!” and b-doink!”
Mel agrees to re-shoot the ending. What does not happen in the revised version?
Mel impales Senator Paine with the American flag
Mel throws a campy, effete Senator out of a window
Mel cuts off the President’s head
Mel throws away his Senator badge
The Mr Smith remake was going to be Polystar’s prestige film! How many Golden Globes did the studio buy?
Of the following movies, which one did Homer see to get Marge in the sack? (P.S.: Mission accomplished.)
The Remains of the Day
The Prince of Tides
Howard’s End
The Piano
Fill in the blank: “You’ve desecrated a classic film. This is worse than _________.” “Whoa, whoa, hey, whoa! Let's not say things we can't take back.
The Godfather Part III
The Phantom Menace
Caddyshack 2
Blues Brothers 2000
Mel and Homer steal the new ending, and seek refuge in a Hollywood memorabilia museum. The cars on display include all of the following except:
the Monkeemobile
the General Lee
the Flintstones’ car
Movies aren’t stupid – they fill us with romance and hatred and revenge fantasies. What did Lethal Weapon teach us?
that suicide is funny
that to get the job done, you have to act crazy
that guys called “Aryan” are bad dudes
that mismatched best friends always win
How else have the Lethal Weapon films influenced Homer?
he practices dislocating his shoulder
he never goes through the drive through. They get you at the drive-through, okay?
he checks under the toilet for bombs
he eats dog biscuits
Homer’s next plan to defeat the studio executives is derived from
Air America
Homer has plenty of ideas for Mel’s next movie, including all of the following except:
a vampire who wins the lottery
Indiana Jones
a teen sex romp where he and his buddies are always trying to get some
a prequel of something

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