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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Behind the Laughter
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Lisa Simpson had no business hosting the Oscars. Who spat on her?
Meryl Streep
Billy Crystal
Jack Nicholson
the cast of Waiting to Exhale
It was amazing how fast Homer betrayed his vision of a realistic show. Every day, he thought about firing which Simpson family member?
ABC, NBC and Telemundo all rejected Homer’s pilot for the Simpsons. Fortunately, the President of Fox was also:
a substitute teacher
working night shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart
Marge’s hairdresser
caught on film by Homer
Simpson merchandise sells like crazy, including T-shirts where Bart is saying:
Adults Suck, Then You Are One
Stop World Hunger, East My Shorts!
Life Begins at Conception, Man
Top of the Dude Chain
Convinced that the good times would never stop rolling, the Simpsons moved out of their trademark house and into whose?
MC Hammer’s
Rick James’
Vanilla Ice’s
Milli Vannilli’s
At the Grammys, Ozzy Osbourne is presenting the award for best hardcore thrash metal album, which is won by which Simpsons album?
Hot Roller Disco Nights
Lovely To Love Your Lovin’
Simpsons Christmas Boogie
¡Ay Caramba! The Simpsons Sing Tijuana
Even Bart was throwing dough around. What did he say he’d pay a thousand bucks for?
Carl and Lenny to kiss
Chief Wiggum to arrest Homer
Seymour Skinner to strip
Milhouse to go beat up Nelson
The Simpsons’ money dwindled and their expenses soared. Who finked out Homer to the IRS?
Inevitably, behind-the-scenes turmoil took its toll. Bart has fair-weather friends to feed, so what movie does he agree to star in?
Revenge of the Nerds 3
Home Alone 3
Teen Wolf 3
The Next Karate Kid
The Simpsons family publicly breaks up during a live appearance at the:
Iowa State Fair
New York City Fleet Week
Disneyland July 4 celebrations
Bring Out The Vote concert
Before a riot could break out, Jimmy Carter came to the rescue with his:
physical prop comedy
erotic hypnotism
French mime act
comedy breakdancing
The Simpsons go their separate ways in their careers. What show replaces The Simpsons on TV?
Peepin’ It Real
Girl, That’s Bananas
Pirates Uncensored
Celebrity Rodeo
Dr Hibbert knew there was only one person who could reunite this troubled clan – his old fraternity brother:
Clint Eastwood
Eddie Murphy
Willie Nelson
Bill Cosby
The Simpsons’ bitter past was forgotten, and the future looks brighter than ever for this family from which area of the United States?
northern Kentucky
southern Ohio
eastern Tennessee
western Indiana
Next week on Behind the Laughter: Which cartoon character was so gay, but couldn’t tell anyone?
Huckleberry Hound
Velma from Scooby-Doo

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