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How Well Do You Know: Labor Day: Working in the Movies, Part 4
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1. Vizzini, to Fezzik: And you! friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless! Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed, in _____________?
2. People named Gilderoy, Remus, Dolores and Severus have held this job in various films within the same series:
Supervisor of "Dirty" Harry Callahan
President of Monsters, Inc.
Defense Against the Dark Arts professor
Head of Q branch
3. Father of the Bride George Banks owns a company that makes:
Auto parts
Office supplies
Air conditioners
4. Three of these are horrible bosses in Horrible Bosses. Which one is not?
David Harken
Julia Harris
Motherf'er Jones
Bobby Pellitt
5. Brian Flanagan realizes his life-long goal when he opens a bar called Cocktails & ___________:
6. For which government agency does Tony Mendez work in Argo?
Department of Defense
7. Meanwhile, True Lies' Harry Tasker battles terrorists, sometimes on a horse, while working for this elite division:
The Bulldog Group
The Sunset Coalition
The Stonewall Guard
The Omega Sector
8. The young hero of The Way, Way Back finds solace from his turbulent domestic life working at a:
Mini golf operation
Water park
Retirement home
Record Store
9. This guy seems eager to tell anyone that will listen to him that he is an Agent of SHIELD:
Nick Fury
Phil Coulson
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
10. Adrian Cronauer was most famous for his work on the radio in this country:
11. On the witness stand in My Cousin Vinny, Mona Lisa Vito identifies herself as an out of work:
Weather girl
Mortician's assistant
Hair dresser
12. On-screen captions early in this film make a note of the male-to-female ratio of workers in Northern Minnesota iron mines:
Promised Land
North Country
Norma Rae
Pure Country
13. While Ron Burgundy in an Anchorman, fellow KVWN News Team member Brick Tamland brings you:
The crime report
Business news
The weather
14. We never learn the last name of Andy in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. But it's important to the plot of the film that Andy owns:
A car dealership
A gun store
A grocery store
A sporting goods store
15. Gregory Peck played one. Hugh Grant, too. So did Johnny Depp, Sean Connery and Russell Crowe. What cinematic occupation did characters played by the above all hold?
Network news reporter
Ship captain
Baseball manager
By way of explanation.....
In the movies Moby Dick, Pirates! Band of Misfits, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunt for Red October and Master and Commander: Far Side of the World
16. Ted, your favorite movie vulgar teddy bear come to life, finds gainful employment at a:
Gas station
Adult book store
Country club
Grocery store
17. Fergie, the vile underworld boss in The Town, has this job, which you usually don't associate with vicious crime lords:
Daycare owner
Fashion designer
Travel bookstore clerk
18. While each of the following could be found at Miramar, which is the only one who was a naval aviator vying for the Top Gun trophy?
19. Before his life was thrown into chaos as he is diagnosed with AIDS, Dallas Buyers Club's Ron Woodruff brought home the bacon as a:
Steel mill worker
Rodeo cowboy
Assistant football coach
20. All too few movies feature rival air traffic controllers. Which of the following does exactly that?
Up in the Air
North Dallas Forty
Pushing Tin
21. Exit Through the Gift Shop gives us a glimpse at a person with this unusual profession:
Graffiti artist
Dog walker
Rare coin collector
Professional spelunker
22. Born: Kyoto, 1937. Family emigrated to San Pedro, California, 1939. Interned at Manzanar: 1942 to 1943. Scholarship student: University of California, 1955. Law degree: Stanford, 1962. MBA: Harvard, 1970. President: Nakatomi Trading. Vice Chairman: Nakatomi Investment Group. And father of five. Whose CV did we just read?
Joseph Takagi
Kesuke Miyagi
John Forbes Nash
23. The protagonist of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind might or might not be conducting clandestine activity while holding down his day job as a/n:
Helicopter tour guide
Game show host
Music producer
24. Maurice was the father of Belle, a beauty that fell in love with a beast. But never mind that part right now. What was Maurice's occupation?
Book binder
Tapestry weaver
25. If you found yourself being cited for "littering and......" by any of the Super Troopers, that would mean you had run afoul of state troopers in:
North Dakota

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