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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Alone Again, Natura-Diddly
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The Simpsons are having a lovely nature hike, only to discover that the bird sanctuary has been enhanced with:
a mini-mall
an amusement park
a car race track
a beach volleyball stadium
Dr. Hibbert laughs at everything. But he does not laugh at a t-shirt with a picture of
a Dodge urinating on a GMC
a Ford urinating on a Chevrolet
a GMC urinating on a Ford
a Chevrolet urinating on a Dodge
Which Springfielder wishes his wife had bosoms like Homer?
Chief Wiggum
Kirk van Houten
Kent Brockman
Dr Hibbert
Maude is pushed off the bleachers by a barrage of T-shirts and dies! Holy crap! What were Ned’s last words to Maude?
“Maude, will you look at all that safety gear!”
“Make sure the beer is non-alcoholic.”
“No footlongs.”
“Nosiree ma’am. I’ll put my faith in the Lord to bless our family with a T-shirt.”
In many ways, Maude was a supporting player in our lives. She didn't grab our attention with memorable catchphrases, or comical accents. Of the following Springfielders, who does not speak at this point?
Groundskeeper Willie
Captain McAllister
Professor Frink
Bumblebee Man
In Billy Graham’s Bible Blaster, you are supposed to convert heathens. What happens if you just wing them?
they become Unitarians
they become Jehovah’s Witnesses
they become Christadelphians
they become Baha’i
What is pretty obvious?
that Ned is grieving for his wife
that Maggie is the smartest Simpson
that Homer doesn’t have a job
that Bart is mad all the time
Homer makes a video dating profile for Ned. What transition is he especially fond of using?
clock wipes
matrix wipes
star wipes
heart wipes
What music plays in the background of Ned’s dating video?
You Sexy Thing, by Hot Chocolate
I’m Too Sexy, by Right Said Fred
Sex Bomb, by Tom Jones and Mousse T.
Let’s Talk About Sex, by Salt-n-Pepa
“Homer, ___________ is a character!” “He sure is. Rrrrrrrrr!”
Robin Hood
Long John Silver
Robinson Crusoe
Sherlock Holmes
Ned’s date with Lindsey Naegle comes to an abrupt end when she:
initiates a conference call
says she gave up God for the worship of Mammon
is indicted
schedules love-making with Ned at 10:30 in her diary
Ned goes on another date, but when he says maybe he’ll call Diane again sometime, Diane’s dog Foofie doesn’t like the sound of that because Foofie’s a commitment dog. How does Ned make his escape?
on a tricycle
in a swan boat
in a rickshaw
in a hot air balloon
Reverend Lovejoy invites his parishioners to enjoy the Christian rock stylings of Kovenant. What band do Marge and Lisa recognise Kovenant’s bass player from?
Goat Sacrifice
the Devil’s Messiahs
Kovenant, and in particular its lead singer Rachel Jordan, really get to Ned. What is not one of the lyrics to their song?
Well, I woke up on the puke green floor
He'll tow you to salvation and He'll overhaul your heart.
A book about a man who drives a pick-up full of sweet, sweet love
When I hug people I leave room for the Holy Spirit
Rachel knows what it’s like to lose someone. Kovenant just lost their drummer to:
a Baptist reggae band
a Christian Scientist hardcore band
a Pentacostal ska band
an Adventist punk band

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