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How Well Do You Know: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
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1. Chad, Allison and the other college kids first see Tucker and Dale in the movie:
As Tucker and Dale are skinning a deer
As Tucker and Dale leave a gas station where a clerk is later found dead
As Tucker and Dale are bathing in a stream
As Tucker and Dale pass them in their truck
2. Driving to the campsite, the college kids scream in terror when:
They realize that they forgot to bring beer
They pass out of cell range
They see a large dead animal carcass on the side of the road
They realize that no one brought condoms
3. "You guys goin' camping?" Dale tries to chat up the college kids at the camp station, but they don't see him as being friendly - perhaps because he is holding this menacing object:
4. Tucker looks forward to fixing up the cabin, as he plans to use it for:
His art studio
His parents' retirement home
His vacation home
His bachelor pad
5. There are several suggestions in the cabin that it used to be occupied by:
Their parents
Occultists who practiced dark arts
A serial killer
6. Around the fire, Chad attempts to relate to the other college kids the story of the ____________ Massacre:
Fourth of July
Memorial Day
Arbor Day
Mid Summer
7. At the beginning of the film, what is the relationship between Chad and Allison?
They are brother and sister
Chad has a thing for Allison, but she doesn't reciprocate
Allison has a thing for Chad, but he doesn't reciprocate
They have never met before the trip
8. Ali comes into the company of Tucker and Dale as they save her from:
A bear attack
Being crushed by a boulder
Falling into an abandoned mine
9. Ali wakes up the next morning in Tucker and Dale's cabin, and briefly recoils in horror when she sees Dale. He thinks it's because she doesn't like the _________ he brought her:
Pet tamed squirrel
Tomato juice
10. The first of the college kids to off himself impales himself on a branch running from a chainsaw-wielding Tucker. Why is Tucker running with a chainsaw?
He's being stung by bees
He's being chased by a bear
He's trying to get out of the way of a tree he just felled
He is running from dynamite that Dale is about to set off
11. In the cabin, Ali and Dale bond over this type of game:
12. The college kids are shocked when they read this message that Dale has scratched into a tree with an axe:
Ali Is Gone
Come Find Us Or We'll Come Find U
We Got Ur Friend
Die College Kids
13. The college kids see Ali helping Dale dig, and believe that he's making her dig her own grave - when, in fact, she's helping him dig a hole for:
A game trap
An outhouse
A compost heap
A water collection system
14. The college kids start dropping like flies - one impales himself on a stake in the hole Ali and Dale were digging, while another dies by way of:
Wood chipper
Razor wire
Lightning strike
15. Tucker theorizes that the deaths of the college kids is attributed to:
Raging hormones
Bad parenting
Unusual solar activity for that time of year
A suicide pact
16. The local sheriff fares no better. An encounter with ___________ in Tucker and Dale's cabin does in the lawman:
A meat cleaver
Faulty wiring
A loose floorboard
A collapsing beam
17. As Chad psychotically holds a gun to the head of Tucker and Dale's dog, Tucker goes out back while Dale holds Chad off with:
A nail gun
A flame thrower
Pots and pans
Forks and spoons
18. Strung up in a tree by Chad, Tucker loses:
An ear
His big toe
Part of his nose
19. Ali leads a mediation session between Chad and Dale. Chad reveals:
His father was the sheriff who was killed on Tucker and Dale's property
His homicidal tendencies stem from his inferiority complex
He wanted to buy Tucker and Dale's cabin himself
His mother was the sole survivor of the Memorial Day Massacre
20. The remainder of the kids confront Tucker and Dale in the cabin, but most of them are finished off. They suffer each of the following, except for:
Being burned to death
Getting hit in the face with a trimmer
Killed in explosion
Being impaled on antlers
21. After Dale, Tucker and Ali crash their truck attempting to flee the remains of the cabin, Chad abducts Ali and takes her to the:
Abandoned amusement park
Saw mill
Old insane asylum
22. In the saw mill, Ali and Dale find a newspaper clipping which reveals pretty clearly that:
Chad's father was the Memorial Day Massacre killer
Chad's mother was the actual Memorial Day Massacre killer
Chad himself was the actual Memorial Day Massacre killer
There never was a Memorial Day Massacre
23. At the climax of his confrontation with Dale at the mill, how does Chad die?
He is electrocuted
He is decapitated
He ends up stabbing himself
He doesn't
24. OK, Chad doesn't die, but he is defeated with this unusual substance:
Motor oil
Chamomile tea
Old blueberry muffins
25. The film ends with Dale and Ali out on a wholesome date at a:
Bowling alley
Drive-in theater
Malt shop
Hilltop overlooking the town

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