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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 03: Bushwhacked
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I changed my answer for No. 1 but it didn't accept it. I did get 4 wrong but ironically I changed it from the right answer. No. 5 I marked Zoe because I knew that one so really I only got 1 wrong but even that I knew but I changed it to wrong. So close.
Rosalita 5/29/11 11:33 am


1. Who is/are the bad guy(s) in this episode?
Atherton Wing
The Bushwhackers
2. Which of the crew members is not playing the odd form of basketball invented at the start of the episode?
All of the above
3. Something jolts the ship right as Wash arrives at the piloting area. What is it?
Alliance cruiser captained by that guy from Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives
Dead body hitting the window
Reaver attack
That ginormous basketball thing they are playing with.
4. River believes the crew is about to have an encounter with what supernatural being?
A ghost
A dragon
A succubus
A zombie
5. Who does not wear a spacesuit in this episode?
6. What does the crew discover in the galley?
Engine parts scavaged by someone not on the ship
Rations enough to feed 14 families
River, barefoot and bemused
A survivor
7. "No one is going to hurt you..."
"Any more than we already did."
"Jayne's in the other room."
"But some emotional scarring might be in the cards."
"You're ugly enough without the beating."
8. Why is the crew actually sitting put longer than expected?
The Alliance gives them an intergalactic lojack
A boobytrap from the Reavers
A funeral procession for the victims
Inara is late getting back from her date
9. That guy from Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives is an alliance captain who starts hassling the crew. What does he originally accuse Serenity's crew of doing?
Harboring known fugitives
Killing the families from the other ship
Pillaging a derelict vessel in direct violation of Alliance law
Refusing to let their companion
10. How does Mal hide the ill-gotten goods from the other ship?
He returns them to the other ship.
He shoots them out the exhaust engine.
They are placed in plain sight in an attempt to claim ownership.
They are placed in Inara's shuttle, which is launched sans pilot.
11. The Alliance official alienates Kaylee when he does what?
Casts aspersions on Serenity's status
Hides behind her when the Reavers attack
Shoots the survivor from the other vessel
Talks about Grant Show as if he were anything but a great guy with rugged good looks.
12. What phrase does Wash use to describe his wife?
Frisky but not picky
Girlish in all the right ways
Warrior woman
13. What does Jayne say during his interrogation?
"I can't wait to introduce you to Vera."
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
"Pain is scary."
"Shouldn't you be off catching bad fellers?"
14. What physical imperfection does the survivor of the derelict possess?
Blue hands
Ear has been chopped off
Tongue split down the middle
He's not much of a man if you know what I mean and I think you do
15. Where do Simon and River hide while the Alliance is invading Serenity?
The derelict right under the stitched corpses
The galley, coincidentally right beside the Reaver survivor
It's not hiding per se but they are in the Alliance ship's brig
They go a good ol' fashioned space walk

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