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How Well Do You Know: Labor Day: Working in the Movies III
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1. Each of the following play baseball in movies. Three are pitchers. Which is not?
Billy Chapel
Nuke Laloosh
Henry Rowengartner
Willie Mays Hayes
By way of explanation.....
The first three pitch in the movies For Love of the Game, Bull Durham and Rookie of the Year, respectively; the last is an outfielder in Major League
2. Things got Collateral to the max as assassin Vincent interrupted Max Durocher's mild-mannered career as:
A taxi driver
A grocery store clerk
A police officer
A deli owner
3. Portrayed by Ellen Degeneres, Cynthia Topping celebrates a career breakthrough by bouncing on her bed and declaring herself the "Golden Goddess of" this media:
By way of explanation.....
The film was EdTV
4. Played by Jennifer Aniston, Julia Harris is a horrible boss in Horrible Bosses. On the job as a _________, she frequently sexually harasses her assistant Dale.
Weather reporter
Divorce lawyer
University dean
5. Prior to resuming his superhero career, Bob "Mr. Incredible" Parr toils in this industry:
Bus driving
6. Dirty Harry keeps the dirtbags off the streets of this city:
San Francisco
7. Seeking a radical career change, what did Benjamin Mee buy in a 2011 film?
Movie theater
Skywriting plane
Concert venue
8. You can spot the dudes who work for The Adjustment Bureau primarily by the ________ that they wear:
9. Chris Cole, Stacee Jaxx and Jeff Bebe all have this glamorous job:
Pageant judges
Singer in a rock band
US Senator
10. The end of The Princess and the Frog sees Tiana fulfilling her life-long ambition of owning and running:
A dress shop
A restaurant
A petting zoo
A book store
11. Miranda Priestly rules this fashion magazine with an iron fist in The Devil Wears Prada:
12. When he isn't wolfing out, Teen Wolf's Scott Howard has a job in his father's:
Ice skating rink
Radio station
Hardware store
Pizza parlor
13. A man who had been retired for 15 years, a man named Cumberbund, a man named Ryan and a man named Westley all held which position?
The title of Headless Horseman
Wizard of Oz
The Dread Pirate Roberts
The Mayor of Pleasantville
14. In The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Abby Barnes has this job which is somewhat related to cats and dogs and other pets:
She hosts a call-in radio show about pets
She provides pet makeovers to the stars
She works in a pet store
She runs a mobile pet grooming service
15. The head vampire in The Lost Boys holds this rather mundane, under-the-radar job:
He is an accountant
He works in a video store
He runs an ice cream parlor
He runs the Tilt-a-Whirl at a boardwalk amusement park
16. If you want to blame someone for the dinosaur-related mayhem that broke out at Jurassic Park, blame John Hammond, the CEO of this company:
17. In the 2011 movie Hugo, young Hugo Cabret helps the elderly Georges Melies rediscover his appreciation of this art form, the subject of his life's work:
18. In She's Out of My League, the fetching Molly introduces the less-than-fetching Kirk to her parents as being in aviation. That's stretching things a bit, in that his job is:
A flight attendant
A TSA agent
Manning an airport information desk
An airplane mechanic
19. Robin, Lewis, Janie and Leon work for which cinematic president?
Bill Mitchell
Andrew Shepard
Merkin Muffley
James Dale
20. Has-been 80s music star Alex Fletcher meets his future collaborator Sophie Fisher when she visits his apartment to perform what domestic task?
Water his plants
Rehang draperies
Clean his aquarium
21. Wedding Crashers John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey masquerade as ___________ when they invite themselves to the wedding of the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury:
Venture capitalists
Web designers
Travel agents
Video game developers
22. Don't cross Erin Brokovich. The 2000 biopic recounts Brokovich's crusade against a powerful:
Drug cartel
Utility company
Telecommunications company
Land developer
23. What film begins with an inventor trying to sell a Bathroom Buddy - consisting of a shaving mirror, toothbrush, toothpick, toenail clipper, nail file and dental mirror - to a shop owner?
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Hudsucker Proxy
24. Which is not a member of the crew of hoods in Reservoir Dogs?
Mr. Orange
Mr. Black
Mr. Blonde
Mr. Pink
25. When she's not writhing sweatily around the dance floor in legwarmers and an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, Flashdance's Alex Ownes works as a:
Car mechanic
Meter maid
Construction foreman

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