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How Well Do You Know: Back to School: Going to School in the Movies II
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1. Marty McFly preserves the fabric of the space/time continuum when he gets his parents to kiss at this high school dance:
Magic Over the Rainbo
Hopes and Dreams
Yeehaw County Fair
Enchantment Under the Sea
2. Going back to school in Back to School, Thornton Melon performs the Triple Lindy, which was a dangerous maneuver in this athletic event:
3. This female student is making overtures toward which educator?
Severus Snape
Ed Rooney
Henry Jones
Jaime Escalante
4. If you want to blame someone for the thousand of hamsters overrunning the campus at Wellman College, blame this person:
Glenn Holland
Biff Tannen
Ferris Bueller
Sherman Klump
5. Which of the following is not the call sign of one of the instructors in Top Gun?
6. Tragedy followed close on the heels of a performance of this Shakespeare work in Dead Poets Society:
King Lear
The Tempest
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Julius Caesar
7. Of the following, who was not a member of The Breakfast Club?
8. Fetching and exotic foreign exchange student Nadia rocks the world of Jim Levenstein in American Pie. Nadia is of this nationality:
9. In Bad Teacher, Elizabeth Halsey uses __________ as an unorthodox teaching implement:
Rubber bands
10. Woodsboro High was plagued by many, many, many killings in this teen slasher film:
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Cherry Falls
The Faculty
11. Nerds Lewis, Gilbert, Lamar, Booger et al get their revenge after they join this frat:
Alpha Gammas
Lambda Lambda Lambda
Omega Nu
12. If you're suffering from asleepyness, tripping major ballsack or suffering from a bad case of the Giggs, then most likely you're experiencing a trip on designer drug HFS and in the plot of:
21 Jump Street
Dazed and Confused
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Easy A
13. Cher achieves a degree of altruism in Clueless by playing matchmaker for Ms. Geist and Mr. Hall, the latter being Cher's:
Guidance counselor
Math teacher
Debate teacher
History teacher
14. This problem is chief to the plot of School Ties:
15. A bet between high schoolers Zack Siler and Dean Sampson is at the heart of this teen comedy:
She's Out of My League
She's All That
Can't Hardly Wait
16. A Beautiful Mind's John Forbes Nash does some deep cogitatin' on the grounds of this Ivy League university:
17. Cady Heron joins this math competition team in Mean Girls:
The Denominators
The Mathletes
The Factorials
Victory Vectors
18. In Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mr. Hand writes some words of wisdom from Jeff Spicoli on the classroom blackboard for all of his students to enjoy. The words are:
Relax, man
Why bother?
I don't know
Want some pizza?
19. The Exorcist is set on and around the campus of this Jesuit school of higher education:
Boston College
20. When she is not doling out advice to teens, Ten Things I Hate About You's Ms. Perky enjoys this activity during work:
Trading stocks
Growing a hydroponic garden
Spiking the coffee in the teachers lounge
Writing erotic literature
21. Colossus is an anatomically unique canine in this scholastic film:
School of Rock
Van Wilder
Legally Blonde
Glory Road
22. In Fired Up!, Nick and Shawn take a break from the football team to join:
The cheerleading squad
The glee club
The debate team
A home-ec class
23. As chronicled in Chronicle, what is unusual about teens Andrew, Matt and Steve?
They are all actually the same person
They have super powers
They don't know they are dead
They can travel through time
24. Remember the Titans is set at TC Williams High School in this city:
Birmingham, AL
Charlotte, NC
Baltimore, MD
Alexandria, VA
25. In which film does Ox Robbins stammer through a presentation in front of the school, before shouting "San Dimas High School Football Rules!"?
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
We Are Marshall
Say Anything...

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