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How Well Do You Know: Annie
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1. At the beginning of the film, we see Annie singing a song about her parents. What is the song called?
Come Get Me
Some Day
2. Miss Hannigan has a favorite line she likes to say to the orphans: "This dump better shine like _____."
The stars
The top of the Chrysler Building
The sun
Lady Liberty's torch
3. What does Miss Hannigan require all the orphans to say to her on demand?
We love you, Miss Hannigan
Miss Hannigan, you're the best
Thank you for everything, Miss Hannigan
You're so beautiful, Miss Hannigan
4. Annie decides to runaway from the orphanage. How does she make her escape?
Through the garbage
Out of the fire escape
Through the laundry
By climbing down the drain pipe
5. Annie meets her best friend in the world, Sandy, and sings a song about him. How does she describe her new companion?
6. What does Miss Hannigan say she's going to do to Sandy?
Have him gassed
Call the dog catcher
Make a throw rug out of him
Send him to the sausage factory
7. When Annie first arrives At Mr. Warbucks' mansion, what does she thinks she has to do?
Stay out of the way
Take orders
Hide from Mr. Warbucks
8. Why does Mr. Warbucks tell Grace to send Annie back to the orphanage?
He doesn't want Sandy in his house
He wants a boy
He's changed his mind about wanting a orphan
Annie's too cheeky
9. What is the name of Miss Hannigan's con-artist brother?
10. Sandy first sounds the alert then captures a man trying to do what to Mr. Warbucks?
Shoot him
Kidnap him
Rob him
Blow him up
11. Annie is very excited that Mr. Warbucks is taking her to her very first:
12. What famous New York landmark does Mr. Warbucks take Annie to?
Times Square
Radio City Musical Hall
Statue of Liberty
13. Grace Farrell is Mr. Warbucks':
Personal assistant
14. The movie has a hilarious scene where Miss Hannigan is trying to flirt with Mr. Warbucks, who only wants her to sign the adoption papers. By the end of their song ("Sign") where do they both wind up sitting?
In the bath tub
On the couch
On the bed
On the floor
15. What did Annie's parents leave with her as a baby, as a promise that they would return for her someday?
A bracelet
A ring
A brooch
A locket
16. Mr. Warbucks does a radio broadcast whose sponsor has a cute catchy tune. The theme of the song is that one should never be seen without:
Shined shoes
A smile
A clean shirt
A hat
17. Mr. Warbucks takes Annie to meet which president?
Franklin Roosevelt
18. Tim Curry, who plays Rooster, is also famous for starring in which movie musical?
Rocky Horror Picture Show
19. Where is Annie saved from Rooster?
On a bridge
In a high speed chase
On the top of a building
At the orphanage
20. After Annie is saved and home safe with Mr. Warbuck, what is Miss Hannigan doing in her final scene?
She's in jail
She's riding an elephant
The orphans are throwing pies at her
She's riding on a white horse

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