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How Well Do You Know: White Men Can't Jump
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1. According to Sidney and his friends, besides being called a chump, the worst thing you can call somebody's mother is a/n:
2. Sidney and his friends give Billy a colorful nickname that sticks with him throughout the entire movie. What do they call him?
Leave it to Beaver
Brady Bunch
Charlie Brown
3. Sidney promises his friend Junior that if he beats Billy at a shooting contest his reward will be going:
To the movies
To Sizzler
To the strip club
To TGI Fridays
4. Billy's girlfriend Gloria is obsessed with being a contestant on what game show?
Wheel of Fortune
Price is Right
Match Game
5. Why do Gloria and Billy have the Stucci brothers chasing after them?
Gloria used to date one of them
Billy stole their car
They owe the Stuccis money
Billy got into a fight with one of them and hurt him
6. Billy and Sidney hustle a man named Ray, who isn't too happy about losing his money. What does Ray promise to do to everyone on the basketball court?
Shoot them
Take all their money
Kick their asses
Stab them
7. Billy obviously has no trouble listening to _____, but according to Sidney, he can't hear him.
Otis Redding
Jimi Hendricks
Sam Cook
Al Green
8. Billy and Gloria get into a really big fight in bed over what?
Billy getting a a real job
Ice cream
Gloria's obsession over Jeopardy
9. Sidney and his wife's relationship is not without problems. Sidney's wife has a constant request and complaint to Sidney. What is it?
She wants Sidney to stop hustling
She wants to have a baby
She wants to move out of their apartment
She wants Sidney to get a second job
10. Billy has made one point crystal clear. Real men don't what?
Ask for their money back
Admit they been hustled
Apologize for anything
Never admitt there wrong
11. Gloria goes over Sidney's house demanding Billy's money back. She says, "Teammates can't hustle each other - it's not ______."
12. Gloria tries to explain to Sidney's wife that Billy's not a bad guy, he's just:
Has a bad temper
Very irresponsible
Bad with money
A constant liar
13. Billy has a great strategy for the tournament. What is is great plan?
Intimidate the other players
Embarrass Sidney
Make all of the players mad
To embarrass Sidney and make all the players mad
14. The movie is called White Men Can't Jump. But what is Sidney actually implying Billy can't do?
Make jump shots
Slam dunk
Hit 3 pointers
Go for layups
15. After Billy loses all his winnings from the tournament, he desperately tries to win back Gloria's love and affection buying her:
A dress
A ring
A necklace
16. Gloria is up against some serious competition on Jeopardy. One man is rocket scientist and the other an English teacher. The announcer says Gloria's former profession:
Roller skating waitress
Cashier at the Dog 'n' Mug
Disco queen
Groupie for Sly and the Family Stone
17. Gloria must have skipped the sports section when she was studying for Jeopardy. When the question was asked, Who is the all time leading rebounder in basketball history? Gloria answers:
Who is Joe Namath?
Who is Wilt Chamberlain?
Who is Wayne Gretzky?
Who is Babe Ruth?
18. Gloria's stand-out performance on Jeopardy is in what category?
Foods the start with Q
Famous royals that were beheaded
Animals that start with V
Trees that bare fruit
19. What does Billy usually do in the way of a apology for Gloria?
Promise to marry her
Sing her a song
Write her a poem
Buy her flowers
20. Gloria gives Billy some of her winnings from Jeopardy to do what with?
Buy himself a car
Play in a basketball tournament
Pay off the Stucci Brothers
Buy himself some clothes
21. What tragedy has befallen Sidney to make him ask for Billy's help?
His house caught fire
His wife was in a accident
His house was broken into
He lost his job
22. Why does Gloria leave Billy for good?
He never paid the Stucci brothers
He wants to gamble on a basketball game
She is rich from Jeopardy
He loses the money she gave him
23. What are the names of the basketball legends Billy and Sidney play against?
The Duck and King
Big Red and the Hawk
T-Bone and the Tuba
The Wolf and the Duke
24. What do the Stucci brothers do to humiliate Billy further after he has paid them?
Make him stand naked
Shave his head
Give him a terrible beating
They make him pose for pictures
25. What is Sidney's ultimate advice on relationships?
Always tell her it was your fault
No matter what be on her side
Listen to the woman
Always be faithful

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