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How Well Do You Know: Firefly Episode 02: The Train Job
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You will find love on Unification Day

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1. Woohoo! It's a universal holiday in the Whedonverse. What's the occasional for banks to close early and the mail not to run?
Independence Day
Serenity Valley Memorial
Unification Day
2. Why does Mal want the celebratory bar drunk to say several unkind words about the Browncoats?
Fashion is very important to him.
Mal's had a change of heart about the whole endeavor.
Wash can't make a daring rescue if there isn't a dangerous situation.
Zoe is able to get behind the drunk and club him in the head.
3. What friendly service does Wash offer to perform to the bar's denizens?
He'll put on a war re-enactment...using dinosaurs!
He'll show them the disappearing thumb trick.
He will blow a new crater in their moon.
Wash doesn't appear on camera in the first 10 minutes of this episode.
4. What makes River scream and shake with terror?
Memories of Kaylee's gunshot wound
Nightmares about her time at the academy
Uwe Boll's latest film
5. Who does Mal specifically indicate is not welcome on his boat?
Alliance folk
6. Kaylee gets the treatment in this episode. What does her special moment involve?
A bona fide companion does her hair
A delicious strawberry
It involves her nethers and batteries. Nuff said.
Simon feels her forehead
7. What does Kaylee complain needs fixing?
A compression coil
Her hair
Jayne's attitude
8. The crew negotiates with someone and eventually comes to terms with them in this episode. Who is it?
9. The train job heist is complicated by what unexpected twist of fate?
Alliance troops are on the train
The Mayor befriends them
Niska has tipped off the locals that a robbery is in progress
10. If Mal dies during the heist, who does he agree to give his share?
Anyone but Jayne
11. Someone suffers a grievous injury in pretty much every episode of Firefly. Who is it that takes a bullet in this one?
Mal. It's almost always Mal. He's the show's resident 50 Cent.
12. The medicine the crew steals is used to fight what disease?
Bowden's Malady
13. Mal and Zoe's cover story doesn't fly with the sheriff, who saves the day with a solution that does?
Inara claims that Mal is her indentured servant
Niska sacrifices his nephew to save them
Wash threatens to blow up
14. With Inara, Zoe and Mal all off the ship, there is a power vacuum on-board. Who is (at least initially) in charge in their absence?
Crow, Nishka's thug
15. In this episode, Jayne gets shot, Jayne also gets drugged, Mal gets knifed, and Nishka's unfortunate nephew gets flayed. What happens to Crow?
He cuts a deal and leaves the ship intact, agreeing it's "the best thing for everyone".
He gets shoved into the engine.
Jayne sobers up long enough to get in a head shot.
Nishka treats him even worse than his nephew.

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