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How Well Do You Know: Top Gun
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1! Only one person was going to St. Ives. Just the guy.

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1. On March 3, 1969 the United States Navy established an elite school for the top one percent of its pilots...... Today, the Navy calls it _______ ________ _________. The flyers call it: Top Gun
Aerial Combat Competition
Naval Aeronautics Training
Fighter Weapons School
Complicated Airplane Flying
2. Which of the following Oscar winning actors has a small role in the film?
Daniel Day-Lewis
Cuba Gooding, Jr
Forest Whitaker
Tim Robbins
3. The opening sequence takes place in the skies above which ocean?
4. Maverick and Goose are sent to Top Gun because another pilot turned in his wings. What was his call sign?
Wash Out
5. On what type of conveyance do we see Maverick riding in to Miramar?
Vintage automobile
6. What was Maverick's rank in the film?
7. What classic song do Mav and Goose perform (badly) when they try to pick up Charlie in the bar?
Sitting by the Dock of the Bay
Great Balls of Fire
You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Lets Get It On
8. What is Charlie's real first name?
9. Having appeared in only a handful of small roles before Top Gun, the actress that played Goose's wife Carole would go on to be quite high-profile. Who was it?
Diane Lane
Meg Ryan
Angelina Jolie
Renee Zellweger
10. Which correctly matches the actor with the callsign of his character?
Val Kilmer: Slider
Michael Ironside: Wolfman
Tom Skerritt: Viper
Whip Hubley: Merlin
11. Maverick and Goose get busted after their first hop. What regulation did they break?
The exceed maximum safe airspeed
They flew below the hard-deck
They fired live ordnance
They left their wingmen
12. The audience is treated to which song while Ice and Slide play Maverick and Goose in volleyball?
Playing with the Boys
Danger Zone
Mighty Wings
Hot Summer Nights
13. Maverick's father died during a dog fight in which war?
World War II
Six Day War
14. Which is not true of the scene in which Goose dies?
Goose hit his head on the plane canopy during ejection
Maverick lost control of his plane after flying through jet wash
Goose's parachute did not open
Mav and Goose land in the water
15. What was the last thing that Maverick said to Charlie before he left her house following their dinner together?
I'll see you in class
I enjoyed being here
The chicken was a little dry
Take me to bed or lose me forever
16. Which character in the film has the last name of Kazansky?
17. Counseling Maverick after Goose's death, Viper said: "The simple fact is you feel responsible for Goose and..."
You can't face that he's not coming back
He didn't teach you a damned thing
You have a confidence problem
I doubt you'll ever fly again
18. "The defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because:"
Of forces beyond their control
They weren't so good at this
They couldn't follow the rules
They were stupid
19. Who ended up winning the Top Gun Trophy?
Maverick and Iceman jointly
No one won the trophy
20. The Top Gun graduation ceremony was interrupted when Iceman, Maverick and others were sent to respond to a crisis. What was the crisis?
A disabled communications ship had wandered into foreign waters
A US air craft carrier had been destroyed
Mid-East oil fields had been attacked
A Naval fighter jet had been shot down
21. Initially held back from the final dogfight as a reserve, Maverick had to launch when whose plane was damaged by enemy gunfire?
22. Maverick buzzes the tower twice in the film. What coincides with each of these stunts?
The tower radar is knocked off-line
The tower chief spills coffee on himself
Maverick is docked a rank
Maverick intones, "This one's for you, dad!"
23. What act symbolizes Mav gaining closure over Goose's death?
He throws Goose's dogtags into the ocean
He writes a letter to Goose's wife
He burns a picture of Goose
He changes his call sign to Goose
24. By what three-letter acronym is the second occupant of the plane who sits behind the pilot (e.g. Goose) known?
25. The film is directed by the brother of which of the following, who is also a director?
Ridley Scott
Larry Wachowski
Penny Marshall
Joel Coen

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