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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 4
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1. "Mac and Dennis: Manhunters": Frank keeps confusing the events of his life with what movie character's?
Austin Powers
John Rambo
James Bond
John McClane
2. "Mac and Dennis: Manhunters": Frank admits to Charlie and Dee that he fed them ______ meat, not human meat (as he had led them to believe).
3. "The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis": Upset that they are being refused a $300,000 bank loan to buy gas, Dennis, Charlie and Mac:
attempt to rob the bank
lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau
try to seduce the banker
start a fire in the bank's bathroom
4. "The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis": Charlie, the self-proclaimed "wild card" of the gang, _______ in Frank's "rape van".
forces himself to vomit
leads the police on a chase
cuts the brakes
hides some raccoons
5. "America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest": Charlie decides to improve Dee's "viral videos" promoting Paddy's by:
mooning the camera
throwing a ball at her head
threatening to kill Dee if the viewer doesn't frequent Paddy's
secretly putting a camera in Dee's bedroom to catch "candid" shots of her
6. "America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest": Mac uses the contest to:
find a wife
get as many phone numbers as possible
look for a woman to be the mother of his child
show Dennis he's the bigger ladies' man
7. "Mac's Banging the Waitress": Mac and the waitress make an agreement: she will sleep with Mac if he ___________.
pays her rent for the next six months
gives her free drinks for life at Paddy's
finds a way to keep Charlie away from her
helps her retrieve a sex tape from Dennis's apartment
8. "Mac's Banging the Waitress": Mac and the waitress sneak into Charlie and Frank's apartment, to find:
a variety of stalker-like pictures of her, pinned to a corkboard
Dennis and Charlie waiting for them - hiding in the bed
Dennis in the midst of, uh, making a new sex tape
Frank, waiting to kidnap the waitress
9. "Mac and Charlie Die - Part 1": After crashing Dee's car, Mac and Charlie go to a pawn shop to buy something that will blow the car up. Mac, however, wants to buy something else there - what?
a teddy bear
emerald earrings
a wedding dress
an electric guitar
10. "Mac and Charlie Die - Part 1": After watching Mac and Charlie's goodbye video, Dennis is upset...why?
He was not included in the suicide pact
He was not referred to as Mac's best friend
Mac stole his favorite t-shirt and is wearing it in the video
Mac admits to sleeping with Dennis's high school girlfriend
11. "Mac and Charlie Die - Part 2": Mac and Charlie spy on Frank and see him talking to a mannequin in his apartment. He is pretending the mannequin is:
his ex-wife
12. "Mac and Charlie Die - Part 2": Mac and Charlie figure out Mac's dad is NOT going to kill them when:
they get word that Mac's dad has committed suicide
they receive a letter from Mac's dad saying he is going to Mexico
Mac's dad informs them he is seeing a therapist to help him through his anger issues
his father is arrested again for violating his probation
13. "Who Pooped the Bed?": Dee tries stealing a pair of shoes from a high-end shoe store, but her plan fails...why?
She doesn't see the security tag on the shoes, which beeps when she attempts to smuggle them outside
She fails to realize she is being followed by a store security guard
She falls outside the store because the shoes are so tight, causing her difficulty walking in them
She grabs the wrong pair of shoes, ending up with mens orthopedic shoes
14. "Who Pooped the Bed?": So - who pooped the bed?
15. "Paddy's Pub - The Worst Bar in Philadelphia": Mac talks to the kidnapped writer in the bathroom about:
the decline of newspaper sales as online reading increases
the number of women he has slept with
his killer skills as a bouncer
his desire to find true love
16. "Paddy's Pub - The Worst Bar in Philadelphia": Charlie "proves" the bar's cleanliness by:
licking the floor
dousing the bar with bleach
gargling Windex
eating a urinal cake
17. "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life": "Bro, half the stories you just read us were total bullsh!t. Dennis, you were never the personal sexual advisor to ________!"
Jon Bon Jovi
Brad Pitt
Bruce Willis
Wilt Chamberlain
18. "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life": Charlie creates a concoction to help him get sick and tired so he can pass out and not hear the cats howling outside his apartment. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in his special conconction?
cat food
a "roofie"
19. "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack": Dennis and Dee fight with the gym's spinning instructor over:
his sneakers
his haircut
his spin "uniform"
his choice of music
20. "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack": A high-as-a-kite Frank has a storyline that mirrors the plot of what movie?
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Forrest Gump
21. "The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell": Throughout the episode, the gang accuses Dee of:
being a prostitute
being a spy for a neighboring bar
being a witch
having syphilis
22. "The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell": In the Revolutionary version of the story, the gang indicates that Colonel Cricket and Dee would be a couple. However, something happens that results in the duo not ending up together - what?
Dee runs away with a few villagers, realizing she has "talents" that will be appreciated elsewhere
Cricket gets his head blown off via one of Frank and Charlie's misfiring guns
Dee is executed for being a witch
Mac, upset that Dee may find happiness before he does, chains her to the bar so she can't leave with Cricket
23. "The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition": While 'making over' the Juarez home, Charlie and Dennis have a serious discussion about:
whether sex is a serious workout/calorie burner
why Smurfette was the only female Smurf
the obesity epidemic and its link to fast food being so inexpensive
flexibility while wearing jean shorts
24. "The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition": The Juarez family is brought to their "new and improved" home, and the reveal is disappointing, as they discover that Charlie and Dennis have burned their house down. Only one item remains - what?
the pair of jean shorts Charlie has just made for himself
the "taco bed" Charlie created for the Juarez daughter
a fireproof safe
the one wall that Dennis was trying to get rid of via "controlled burn"
25. "The Nightman Cometh": Charlie makes a deal with the waitress - if she goes to see his play, ____________.
he will leave her alone for the rest of her life
he will get her the sex tape she unknowingly made with Dennis
she will get free beers and food whenever he's working at Paddy's
he will return the diary he stole from her
26. "The Nightman Cometh": Which of the following does NOT happen during the play?
Charlie proposes marriage to the waitress
Mac gets laughed at on stage for his cat-like ninja moves
Charlie threatens to kill Dee after she sings a song she made up on the spot
Dennis is forced to make out with Dee
By way of explanation.....
It is discussed earlier in the episode how odd it is that Dee's character is professing love for Dennis's character, but they don't have to make out...

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