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How Well Do You Know: This Means War
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1. While on a covert mission in Hong Kong, CIA Agents FDR Foster and Tuck Hansen meet up with a couple of lovely ladies. When asked about their professions, FDR says he and Tuck are __________, respectively.
a taxi driver and a nanny
a cruise ship captain and a travel agent
a school teacher and a novelist
a fashion designer and a model
2. Lauren Scott works at a:
horse stable
government agency
product testing company
kickboxing studio
3. Lauren runs into her ex-boyfriend Steve - and his new fiancee. Surprised by this news, Lauren tells them she is off to meet her surgeon boyfriend, "Ken". Ken is not a surgeon - and he's not her boyfriend. Who is he?
Lauren's drycleaner
Lauren's dog walker
the waiter at the sushi restaurant Lauren frequents
the homeless man at the train station who asks Lauren out every time she gets on the train
4. Lauren's best friend Trish pushes her to try online dating, but Lauren is resistant. What is Lauren's "problem" with online dating?
only desperate losers join online dating sites
people who meet online dating statistically have shorter-lived relationships, according to her
it's a "lazy" way to meet people - she'd rather meet people in person first, rather than online
she could end up as a "skin suit", or in someone's trunk
5. Lauren finds out that Trish put her information on an online dating website after:
Tuck calls her
FDR emails her, asking for a date
her profile is made to be the new desktop picture at work
she comes home after work to find 60 voicemails from potential suitors
6. While on their first date, Lauren asks Tuck to disclose something he didn't put in his profile. Tuck tells her:
he owns a summer home in the Hamptons
he loves painting watercolors
he has a "killer" gun collection
he has a son
7. Lauren and FDR meet when:
they attempt to rent the same movie at a video store
she hits his car while trying to parallel park
looking at the same book in the library
Lauren runs into him - literally - while rushing to put money in the parking meter
8. Lauren sees through FDR's flirting and asks him to pick out a movie he thinks she'd like - and then, based on that movie, tells him what she thinks of him and his views on women based on that choice. What movie did he pick?
"The Sound of Music"
"9 1/2 Weeks"
"The Lady Vanishes"
"Mission: Impossible"
9. Initially rebuffing FDR's advances, Lauren finally relents and agrees to a date with him after he shows up at her workplace as part of a focus group. He puts her on the spot, pretending that his opinions about her (and women in general) are actually about the item being evaluated. What item is the focus group evaluating?
a telephone
a grill
a blender
car tires
10. While Tuck and FDR are busy working out arrangements after realizing they are dating the same girl, German baddie Heinrich is tracking down the whereabouts of FDR. Heinrich finds out FDR's location via:
a tracking device Heinrich's brother planted on FDR before falling to his death
the tread on FDR's boots
a piece of fabric from FDR's suit
a bugged telephone
11. While FDR is busy calling Tuck's phone incessantly, Tuck is busy on a date with Lauren. They start the evening playing games at a carnival, and end the evening:
visiting the emergency room after Lauren sprains her ankle
taking a moonlight stroll
walking Lauren's dog
flying on a trapeze
12. Lauren is less than impressed with FDR, and they agree to end their date before it's begun. She quickly decides she needs FDR's help, though, after:
someone rear-ends her car and flees the scene
once again running into her ex-boyfriend and his fiancee
she realizes she's locked out of her house
deciding she doesn't want to be alone on yet another Saturday night
13. Lauren admits to FDR that she followed her ex-boyfriend to Los Angeles from __________, giving up her old life for a new one with him, so that's why it's so difficult seeing him with someone else.
14. Tuck and FDR both sneak into Lauren's house - at the same time! - to plant bugs and other surveillance tools, so they can keep dibs on what she is doing with the other suitor. They manage to get out of the house unseen, as she is busy dancing around the house - to what song?
Single Ladies
This is How We Do It
Baby Got Back
Sexual Healing
15. Tuck and FDR capture Ivan, one of Heinrich's men, after pretending to be a part of:
the bar staff that's serving them
a neighboring gang's entourage
his chauffeur service
his private poker game
16. While talking with her friend Trish, Lauren is asked if Tuck or FDR have any flaws. She says that FDR has tiny girl-hands. What is Tuck's flaw?
his voice is too high
he's British
he's too short
he's a blonde
17. After overhearing Lauren say she will be making a decision in one week re: which of the men she wants to be with, Tuck and FDR decide to step it up a notch. They ask their "teams" to find out all the info they can on Lauren. Which of the following pieces of information is not true?
she volunteers at animal shelters
she gives piano lessons to elementary school children
she collects mini Camaros
she loves classic rock
18. Lauren decides that the only way to decide which man to be with - what any rational person would do - is by:
sex tie-breaker
flipping a coin
picking the "best kisser"
letting her friend Trish decide
19. FDR realizes he's got it bad for Lauren when:
he starts redecorating his bachelor pad
his weekly booty call shows up at his house and he turns her away
he talks (for the first time in his life) about having kids
he calls another woman "Lauren"
20. Tuck introduces Lauren to his son, and she comes up with the perfect "date" involving them both - what?
they go to the zoo
they go skydiving
they test/destroy products at her workplace
they go to a dog park with Tuck's dog
21. Tuck ruins FDR's plans to spy on his and Lauren's romantic escapades by:
getting his allies to temporarily kidnap FDR, keeping him away from the cameras
finding and destroying the bugs FDR planted in her house
sending a prostitute to FDR's house, keeping him, um, occupied during Tuck and Lauren's date
bribing their boss to give FDR mandatory overtime that night
22. While Tuck goes to meet Lauren after receiving her phone call, FDR is busy packing up his desk - he's requested a transfer. He spots something that makes him decide to find Tuck, though - what?
he sees Heinrich in one of the surveillance videos he was watching of Tuck and Lauren
he packs a souvenir from their first mission together that makes him realize he wants to stay as Tuck's partner
he finds a photo that proves Lauren is working for Heinrich
he sees Lauren making out with her ex-boyfriend while bringing his stuff out to the car
23. After realizing that Tuck and FDR know each other, Lauren storms out of the restaurant, only to:
have Heinrich get in her car and forcing her to drive at gunpoint
find Tuck and FDR standing at her car, begging her forgiveness
find her car destroyed, as Heinrich needed her to stay where she was
find Trish, bound and gagged in the trunk of her car
24. So, Heinrich's truck is barreling towards FDR, Tuck and Lauren. Both men are yelling for her to come to his side! Whose side does she join to escape potential doom?
neither - she still can't make up her mind
neither - she decides to go for Heinrich instead!
25. In an ending that ties up all loose ends, we learn all but what?
Tuck and his wife reconciled
FDR proposed to Lauren
Lauren is pregnant
FDR admits to sleeping with Tuck's wife - long before she and Tuck met

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