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How Well Do You Know: Notting Hill
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He's gonna ask me to pick up the check.  Dammit. I knew it

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Great movie, timeless
Liam Mulkeirins 8/31/13 1:51 am


1. What type of shop does William own?
Coffee House
Photography shop
Travel Bookstore
Pet shop
2. What is the name of the film for which Anna is doing the junket?
Space Angel
3. Writer Richard Curtis also directed this other rom-com favorite:
Four Weddings And A Funeral
Bridget Jones' Diary
Love Actually
4. What color is the door that leads to William's shop in Notting Hill?
5. Spike insists on modeling what for William?
Inappropriate T-shirts
6. What is another customer doing when Anna first meets William at the shop?
Drinking coffee
Spanking baby
Trying on sunglasses
7. What does William spill down Anna's shirt?
Orange juice
Soy latte
Iced capuccino
8. What is the name of the magazine William pretends to write for at the junket?
Field & Stream
Horse & Hound
Popular Mechanics
9. Shortly after meeting Anna, William watches one of her movies on home video. Who is the real-life actor who plays opposite Anna in the scene?
Dermot Mulroney
Dennis Quaid
Matthew Modine
Matthew McConaughey
10. What odd accessory does William wear out at the movies?
Opera glasses
3-D glasses
Scuba goggles
Zorro mask
11. How much does Anna tell Bernie she earned for her last film?
20 million dollars
15 million dollars
10 million dollars
SAG scale and a case of beer
12. Which actress - who went on to star in a popular series on Fox is also "interviewed" by William at the junket?
Summer Glau
Jessica Alba
Elisha Cuthbert
Mischa Barton
13. This actor familiar to audiences of stage, screen and television cameos as Anna's on-again, off-again boorish actor boyfriend. Who is he?
Bruce Willis
Jude Law
Alec Baldwin
Kevin Spacey
14. What time-honored phrase does William use repeatedly when he can't climb the gate into the garden?
"For the love of Mike!"
"That's gonna leave a mark!"
"Whoopsie Daisies!"
15. To whom is the garden bench dedicated?
16. What type of restaurant do Anna and William attend after their movie date?
17. An adaptation of which dead author's work does William suggest would make a great vehicle for Anna?
Henry James
Jane Austen
L. Ron Hubbard
18. What artist created the painting that Anna gives William?
Wassily Kandinsky
Marc Chagall
Pablo Picasso
Thomas Kinkade
19. What song plays during William's time passing montage walk through the neighborhood?
"When You Say Nothing At All"
"Ain't No Sunshine"
"Gimme Some Lovin'"
20. He starred in "The Replacements" and is somehow currently dating Sienna Miller. He also starred as Spike in "Notting Hill". He is:
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Rhys Ifans
Matthew Rhys
John Rhys-Davies
21. What is Anna Scott's Preferred Hotel of Choice? (Not to be confused with the Savoy where the climactic press conference is held.)
The Four Seasons
The Ritz Carlton
The Ramada Inn
22. This quintessentially cool troubadour covers a 70's Charles Aznavour tune which serves as the film's love theme. He is:
Elvis Costello
Chris Isaak
Roy Orbison
Jeff Buckley
23. What was William's nickname in college?
Ice Dancer
24. Anna has a habit of checking into hotels under the names of famous cartoon characters. In the film she uses all the names listed below except this one:
Jane Jetson
25. The summer of 1999 was definitely the Season of Julia. Ms. Roberts also released another rom-com the same summer as "Notting Hill" that grossed even more money in the US. What was this movie?
My Best Friend's Wedding
Runaway Bride
America's Sweethearts
Full Frontal

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