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How Well Do You Know: Arthur
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1. The movie opens with immature and irresponsible Arthur Bach and his chauffeur Bitterman wreaking havoc on the streets of New York City as:
Harry Potter and Voldemort
Batman and Robin
Starsky and Hutch
Bert and Ernie
2. After yet another night of partying, Arthur's nanny Hobson enters his room to wake him up. Hobson also kicks out Arthur's latest one night stand after discovering she:
is underage
convinced Arthur - who was drunk at the time - to marry her
stole his watch and took incriminating photos of the party
had written Arthur's bank account number on her hand
3. Arthur's mother Vivienne gives him an ultimatum: __________ or lose his $950 million inheritance.
marry Vivienne's assistant (and former flame) Susan
stop drinking
fire nanny Hobson and learn how to become independent
get a job and learn to be a working man
4. Arthur first meets Naomi Quinn when:
she runs into him (literally) at Grand Central Terminal
he sees her standing on the curb and tries to pick her up, mistaking her for a prostitute
her car breaks down and he offers her a ride home in the Batmobile
she asks him for change for a $5 bill
5. What is Naomi doing when Arthur first meets her?
working at a hot dog stand
running down the street, chasing after a man who stole her purse
acting as an unofficial/unlicensed NYC tour guide
getting out of a taxi
6. Susan's father gives Arthur his blessing to marry his daughter, after:
telling Arthur he will be a dead man walking if Susan is ever unhappy in the marriage
thanking Arthur for taking Susan off of his hands - he knows she's a handful
taking a check for $5,000,000 from Arthur
threatening to cut Arthur's tongue (along with another vital body part) on a table saw
7. Shortly after proposing to Susan, Arthur takes Naomi to Grand Central Terminal for a surprise date. He hires acrobats, puts rose petals around their table, and has a waiter bring them dinner. What IS dinner?
Fruit Loops
ice cream sundaes
McDonald's french fries
8. Naomi tells Arthur of her ultimate dream - while she makes her living as an unofficial tour guide, what she really wants to do is:
become a teacher
write and publish a children's book
teach sign language to hearing impaired children
get her certification to become a licensed NYC tour guide
9. While waiting for Naomi to arrive at his apartment, Arthur is shocked to receive another visitor - a drunken Susan, who has decided to be "spontaneous". He is able to leave the apartment with Naomi - who is unaware of Susan's presence - after:
Susan passes out drunk in the bathroom
Susan - still in her metal lingerie - gets stuck to the bottom of his magnetic bed
Arthur manages to lock Susan in his bedroom, which is soundproof
Hobson manages to get Susan out of the apartment before Naomi can see her
10. While Arthur was trying to fend off Susan's advances, Hobson was keeping Naomi entertained in the room with the movie theater screen. Naomi is happy to see _______ playing on the screen.
Looney Tunes
80's sitcoms
"Pee Wee's Playhouse"
11. While out for a stroll, Arthur and Naomi discuss one of their favorite books during childhood. What is it?
Where the Wild Things Are
Frog and Toad Together
The Little Engine That Could
Make Way For Ducklings
12. Arthur decides to win Naomi over by joining the ranks of the gainfully employed. After a trip to the temp agency, he's able to find a job at a:
candy store
taxi service
suicide hotline
13. Arthur only makes it a few days into his new job before getting fired. He's dressed as a(n) ________ when he's fired.
Tootsie roll
chocolate bar
gummy bear
14. After telling Naomi he's engaged to another woman, Arthur tries to soften the blow by:
offering to sleep with her one last time as a "nice way to say goodbye"
handing her a check for $999,000
saying she and her father could move into the guest wing of his apartment
telling her she is prettier than Susan
15. After sending her book manuscript out to potential publishers, Naomi receives a surprise visitor - who?
16. While visiting Naomi, Hobson becomes ill and is rushed to the hospital. While chatting with each other at the hospital, Arthur and Naomi are approached by Susan, who lets it "slip" to Naomi that:
she and Arthur are trying to get pregnant
Susan's father is keeping an eye on Naomi, to make sure she stays away from Arthur
Bach Worldwide bought the company that agreed to publish Naomi's book
she and Arthur will be pushing up the wedding date
17. Arthur falls back into his old ways after Hobson dies, drinking, partying and being irresponsible until his wedding day. He snaps out of it - on his wedding day - after:
seeing Naomi sitting in the back of the church at the wedding ceremony
realizing he wants to be with Susan after watching her walk down the aisle
finding a note from Hobson tucked into the pocket of his tuxedo
his mother admits she was never going to cut him off if he didn't marry Susan
18. Who punches Arthur during the ceremony?
Susan's father
the best man
19. After stripping down to his underwear and making a scene, Arthur runs out of the church in search of Naomi. Vivienne follows him outside and gives him something - what?
his clothes
his flask
a kiss
money for cab fare
20. Months after the day when Arthur both calls off his wedding and is rejected by Naomi, he meets up with Naomi again. This time he gets the girl. Where do they meet up?
Grand Central Terminal, where Naomi is giving a tour (licensed, this time!)
New York Public Library, where Naomi is reading her book to local children
an AA meeting
Arthur's apartment

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